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School of Academic
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117 Horton Hall
Phone: (717) 477-1395

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Faculty Staff Listing

Divisional Units

Undeclared Students

Ms. Terry Conyers, Adm. Assistant   112 Horton Hall 717-477-1395  

 Early Alert Program

 Ms. Melissa Knouse

Academic Success Program(ASP/Act 101/Jump Start)

Dr. Chad Bennett, Director  205 Wright Hall 717-477-1614 
Prof. Kurt Dunkel, Academic Liaison  302 Wright Hall 717-477-1145 
Ms. Jennifer Hahn, Secretary  306 Wright Hall 717-477-1134 

The Learning Center

Dr. Sabrina Marschall, Director   Lehman Library 717-477-1420  
Mr. Zach Grabosky, Asst to Director   Lehman Library 717-477-3062  
Dr. Karen Johnson, Director of the Writing Studio   Lehman Library 717-477-1420  
Dr. Beverly Wallace, Coordinator, Academic Recovery    Lehman Library    717-477-1420 
Mr. Jaime Juarez, Learning Specialist  
Lehman Library 717-477-1577
Ms. Kelly Miner, Secretary   Lehman Library 717-477-1420  

Academic Support Services for Student Athletes

Ms. Melissa Knouse, Coordinator   Davis Hall 717-477-1699  

Martin Luther King Program

Ms. Tiffany Smith, Coordinator   335 Horton Hall 717-477-1364

Disability Services

Ms. Paula, MadeyDirector   120 Horton Hall 717-477-1329  
Ms. Sherry Hillyard, Asst. Director  Suite 324 Horton Hall 717-477-1329 

Advisor Training and Development/Developmental Education

Dr. Stephen Wallace, Coordinator   114 Horton Hall 717-477-1395