Advising Information

Planning your schedule for next semester?


Talk to your adviser about when undergraduate scheduling begins.  Please be sure to verify your specific scheduling day and time on myShip.  Also make sure you make an appointment to see your advisor!!
Thinking about taking summer classes somewhere other than Ship? Are you planning to take a semester off, but want to stay on track with your academic progress by enrolling at a post-seconday institition close to home?  Check this out to ensure you take courses that will transfer back to Ship.
The Career Advising Guide will allow you to select a major from the list and view the Advising Guide for that area.  Each Advising Guide includes information related to the Major; Skills/Attributes Associated; Related Occupations; Related Extracurricular Activities at SU; and Additional Sources of Information.
Are you trying to figure out what GPA you need?
This calculator at the bottom of the GPA calculator page has been designed to calculate the credits you need to improve your current Grade Point Average.