Non-Ship Classes

Taking a Break from Ship

Whether you are a student on Plan B, you've been academically dismissed or simply just taking a break from Ship, taking the proper courses that will transfer back to Ship is very important. Students who leave Ship and enroll in an area community college often only take 9 credits over the course of a semester or two semesters, return to Ship, and find that they have fallen behind in progressing toward a timely graduation. No matter the reason you are not attending Ship, you should ensure you are staying on track with your academic progression. Work with the ASP Transition Counselor or your ASP Counselor to ensure you are taking the proper courses to transfer back to Ship.

Ship Equivalencies

Summer Courses

When you think of summer, you probably think about warm weather, spending time with friends, and taking vacations. The one thing you may not be thinking about is taking a summer course or two. There are many reasons why you should consider taking a class this summer. You should con-sider taking a class this summer if you:

  1. received an F in one of your classes and have not yet been able to repeat it, re-taking the class this summer could help you stay on track. Just make sure you plan on re-taking the class at Ship.
  2. are trying to declare business as your major, you may want to take a math course during the summer either at Ship or at your local community college.
  3. completed only 9 or less credits during any one semester, you may be falling behind in completing all of your credits within four years. You could take the class at Ship or at your local community college.
  4. withdrew from World History I or II, you will be unable to take it again during the Fall or Spring semester. You could take the class at Ship in the summer or at your local com-munity college.
  5. have a particular class you are dreading taking or think you may struggle with, taking the class during the summer will allow you to focus all of your energy on one course at a time.

Still can't decide if taking classes this summer is right for you? Make sure you talk it over with your counselor to weigh the pros and cons. If you do plan on taking classes this summer somewhere other than Ship, work with your counselor to ensure you take proper courses that will transfer back to Ship. The above link will help you with the process.