Shippensburg University ASP/ACT 101 Student and Institutional Agreement

  First Year Student Responsibilities:

  • Attend, participate, and successfully complete the Summer Bridge Orientation and five week residential program.
  • Receive a “C” or better in both academic courses taken during the summer session, including the first-year experience course.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid in a timely manner.dent Responsibilities

 First-year through Graduation:

  • Meet with ASP/ACT 101 Academic Counseling staff each semester of matriculation to complete Individual Success Action Plan (ISAP). The ISAP is a mutually agreed upon contract that prescribes the minimum requirements to support an ASP/ACT 101 student’s academic development and success. The ISAP suggests that students a) attend tutoring for any/all classes b) attend tutoring for all classes with a D or F midterm grade c) meet with the Academic Counseling staff as needed d) attend academic skills instruction as needed e) attend additional services if placed on academic probation.
 Shippensburg University ASP/ACT 101 Staff and Faculty Members Will Provide:
  • Quality instruction from a competent and caring staff.
  • Access to counselors, academic skills instruction, tutoring services, and the Lending Library.
  • The Financial Aid office will prepare a financial aid package based upon financial need as determined by the student’s FAFSA. ASP/ACT 101 will conduct workshops in conjunction with the Financial Aid office and will aid me in completing the FAFSA.

Grievance Policy:

A student who is not satisfied with the services provided by any staff or faculty member of ASP/ACT 101 will first meet with their assigned counselor. A student who is not satisfied with the outcome of this meeting, or who does not feel comfortable with confronting the counselor, will schedule a meeting with the Program Director. A student not satisfied with the outcome of this meeting will meet with the Dean of Academic Programs and Services. All documentation of meetings will be put in writing and mailed to the student with a copy in the student’s permanent file.

Dr. Chad Bennett, Interim Program Director, Wright Hall 134, 717-477-1134



 Shippensburg University Academic Success Program Individual Success Action Plan

 Student Name:
(first)     (last)    

Student ID#:  

Student  Phone:

Ship Email:  


 Educational Goals:



 Academic Advising Plan, review, and monitor academic progress. At least 1-3 times or as needed  
Other Counseling Services Monitor and assist with career planning, adjustment, financial, social issues, and make referrals as needed. As needed  
Student Enhancement Group/ Academic Improvement Plan Assist students to get off academic probation. As needed  
Peer Tutoring Meet with tutor as needed. As needed  
Learning Specialist or Academic Coach Meet with learning specialist/academic coach to develop academic skills and study strategies. As needed  
Workshops (Time Mgmt., Note Taking, Textbooks, Exams, etc.) Attend workshops that will provide tips on ways to succeed in class.    


  I,   agree to actively participate in Shippensburg University’s ASP/ACT 101 Program, thereby fulfilling the student responsibilities as stated above. In exchange, Shippensburg University pledges to support the ASP/ACT 101 Program through the fulfillment of the University’s responsibilities. This form must be completed annually.