Job Opportunities

Summer Program

During the Academic Success Summer Bridge Program, graduate assistants (known as Academic Coaches and Counseling Assistants) are partially responsible for acclimating students with their transition the Shippensburg University by maintaining weekly appointments with their students. The program director and professional staff assigns students to the Academic Coaches/Counseling Assistants. Issues addressed during weekly appointments include adjustment issues, financial aid, time management, and study skills.

Position begins a week prior to Summer Term B, and the Summer Bridge Program runs until the end of July.

A total of 150 hours are required during the summer session. It is also expected that graduate assistants be present for the weekend that bridge students move into their residence halls. This is a mandatory weekend commitment.

Regular Semesters

During the regular semesters, graduate assistants maintain contact with the students they were assigned to during the summer. In addition, upper-class students may also be assigned.  Appointments with upper-class students are determined by class year.

Issues addressed may be similar to those discussed during the summer. In addition, counseling assistants help first-year students with scheduling procedures (under the supervision of a faculty member) for the following semester, as well as summer courses. Each graduate assistant may be assigned additional duties by their individual supervisor.

A total of 250 hours are to be completed during each semester. It is the expectation of the Academic Success Program that graduate assistants are available for the potential of a one year assistantship experience.

If interested, please forward your resume, 2 letters of reference to:
Dr. Chad Bennett, Interim Director
Academic Success Program 
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA 17257
(717) 477-1134