The main part of Academic Day 2014 will take place on Friday August 22, 2014!  Additional components including Convocation and Service-Learning Projects will take place on Thursday August 21, and Saturday August 23. We can't wait to see you on campus and raring to start the next chapter of your journey!

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First implemented during the Academic Day 2010 program, service learning projects were added to engage our newest students at the start of their journey here at Ship.  Service learning is a high-impact practice where students become invested and active in their communities by giving of their time and skills and learning in the process.  With the success of the last few years, we are excited to once again offer this program, and we hope that you will take the opportunity to volunteer and participate.

Faculty, staff, and community partners are interested in helping you expand your knowledge and skills. We want you to know that here at Shippensburg you will learn not only in a lecture hall or laboratory, but also in the field and in the community as you put your skills to work. 

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Tell me and I'll forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." 

Research proves that Franklin was right. Our experience has shown that students learn and retain information by doing. When you integrate course content with the real-world, you will retain more of what you learn, and most importantly, you will have opportunities to expand your networks which, down the road, will open doors and eventually pave the way to your future careers.   

So stay tuned and check back here for more details about the service projects and how you can get involved to better your college experience and get connected to Ship!

Some Examples of Service-Learning Projects over the years! 

You will have the ability to sign-up for similar projects when you register for Academic Day.  Registration will be available during summer orientation and will be announced here and via Facebook.  Make sure you stay tuned as some of the projects will fill-up quickly!


Brighten Up Katie's Place  Are you interested in helping people? Do you want to know more about the social services that are available in Shippensburg? Want to be part of an exciting new venture that will help serve community members and offer a unique partnership with the university? Come help brighten up Katie’s Place! We need help painting, cleaning and generally helping to “spruce up” Katie’s Place, an former bakery building on Penn Street in Shippensburg. You’ll have the chance to meet community members who currently work out of the building to provide much needed services to families such as fresh produce and financial assistance. Someday when the building is renovated and serving as a central spot for social services and youth services, you can say, “I was part of that!” For additional information, contact Dr. Liz Fisher at eafish@ship.edu. 

Community Sustainability at the Corn Festival  As part of a new initiative to form a Shippensburg University Labor Center, the purpose of our project is to explore community sustainability as exemplified by the Annual Shippensburg Corn Festival. This annual festival attracts thousands of visitors and over 300 vendors. During this project you will spend time at the Corn Festival interacting with vendors and observing and/or sampling their merchandise. You will record your observations of the festival and also responses to selected questions that you can ask vendors and attendees of the corn festival. You will help generate questions which is something researchers do in many disciplines including business and psychology. Several issues will be raised such as the importance of the corn festival to the local economy as well as to individual vendor(s), comparing corn festival food vendors to corporate fast food (on aspects such as price, ingredients, sustainability, etc.), and making similar comparisons among product vendors. From this project, students will be able to form a body of research necessary to establish a new Labor Center on campus. For more information contact Management & Marketing Professor Dr. Jerry Carbo atjacarbo@ship.edu or Psychology Professor, Dr. Steve Haase at sjhaas@ship.edu.

Starting a Bluebird Trail  Interested in birds?  Want to learn more about bluebirds?  This project will teach you about Eastern Bluebirds, conservation threats and how ordinary people are helping these birds rebound.  You will have an opportunity to help place nest boxes around campus after determining what makes a good nest box location.  If you are a Biology, Earth Science, or an Undecided major who just enjoys working outside, then this project is for you!  For more information, please contact Dr. Nathan Thomas at nethomas@ship.edu. 

A Game of Basketball with People of Different Abilities This is an ideal service project for students of every major, but students from Social Work may find it particularly appealing! Come and enjoy a game of basketball with a team of people who have different abilities at Southampton Township Park in Shippensburg. This service activity offers the opportunity to interact with people who have different abilities and enjoy a good game of basketball.  This group of basketball players, who are very welcoming to Ship students, includes individuals of both genders from ages 13 and up.  Don’t delay in registering for this event as only ten students will be able to participate! For additional information about this venture, contact Dr. Marita Flagler at mnflagler@ship.edu or Dr. Cheryl Zaccagnini at chzacc@ship.edu. 

Senior Center Lemonade Social  If you are interested in social work, sociology, or psychology and have strong interpersonal skills and like helping people, this service-learning project is for you. Luther Ridge residential home will host a lemonade social for its residents on August 27 at 2:00 PM.  By volunteering, you will be able to interact with senior citizens, learn about their life experiences, and understand how community relations work at a residential home.  For more information, contact Dr. José Ricardo at jgrica@ship.edu.  

Burd Run Stream Clean-Up  If you are interested in getting your hands dirty with an environmental clean-up project, then this activity is for you!  We will spend a morning cleaning up a section of Burd Run, a small stream that runs through the Ship campus.  This stream and a nearby wetland was recently restored, and students at Shippensburg have been helping to keep it clean ever since. It is a beautiful area with lots of wildlife and an interpretive trail that explains important aspects of stream and wetland ecology. This project will appeal to students with an interest in environmentalism.  Since the environmental ethic spans across all disciplines, all majors/programs are welcome.  This project is led by Dr. Claire Jantz, the faculty advisor for SU's environmental club, and current officers from the environmental club will also be out helping.  This will give new students the chance to learn more about the environmental club and environmental initiatives on campus.  For more information, Dr. Jantz can be reached at cajant@ship.edu.  

Voter Registration Drive Come learn about voter registration in Pennsylvania and Shippensburg, get involved with other students, and meet both young and old borough residents at the 2011 Corn Festival.  Understand the need for student awareness and civic engagement, and work to fight complacency.  A thriving democracy requires an active citizenry! Join us in creating a successful voter registration drive.  This service learning project will interest:  1) those who are curious about grassroots political movements, whether Tea Party Libertarian, Left-Wing Democrat, or anywhere in between; 2) those who want to get engaged in making a better world, whether through activism in education, the environment, the economy, foreign affairs, GBLT issues, YOU Name IT.   Helping people, town or gown, to register to vote, offers everyone a choice as fellow citizens.  We will go over the basics of voter registration as a community service, and then have fun at the Corn Festival, meeting people and offering them this service.  For more information, contact Dr. Katy Clay at cbclay@ship.edu.  

Assist Shippensburg’s PMI Pregnancy Resource Center Join Roxanne Dennis, SU's Catholic Campus Minister, and Robin Kell, Director of the Shippensburg PMI Pregnancy Resource Center, on a community service mission at the Pregnancy Resource Center.  This ministry is within walking distance of Ship's campus and full of opportunities for service!  Students will participate in organizing inventory and providing a thorough spring cleaning of the center.  This project would provide insight into the challenges faced by organizations that are working with limited resources and ways they are able to meet community needs.  A maximum of 15 students will be allowed for this project.  For more information on this service-learning project opportunity contact Roxanne at rmdenn@ship.edu or Robin Kell at pmiship@gmail.com. 

How Big is a Cornfest Crowd?Last year comedians Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart hosted the “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” in front of a large crowd of people on the National Mall. However, estimates of crowd size were greatly varied; CBS news reported that 215,000 people attended, while the hosts of Myth Busters estimated the crowd to be 150,000 and others said attendance may have barely reached 100,000. Why are these numbers so different? Is it really that hard to count people? Work on this project and you can find out for yourself.  Math, Computer Science, and Accounting majors may be interested in this project which will focus on investigating how many people actually attend Shippensburg’s Annual Cornfest through the use of various crowd size calculation methods. After collecting data, we will compare answers, discuss how and why different approximations (may) exist and what the numbers tell us about the effect of this event on the community.  Dr. Ben Galluzzo can provide additional information at bjgalluzzo@ship.edu.    

Literary Council CarnivalFor education, English, sociology, or psychology majors, this service activity will appeal to you! The LIU 12 Franklin County Literacy Council will be hosting a literacy carnival and awareness event during the Corn Fest, August 27th, from 10 AM to 2 PM.  This literacy event will kick-off literacy month with enjoyable family activities. Student volunteers are needed to help with supervising games, serving food, passing out free books, and reading to children. A variety of games such Ring Toss, Duck Pond, and Go Fish will offer parents and children a welcome break during the Corn Fest. The Literacy Council anticipates between 200 and 300 participants will attend this event. A maximum of 15 students will be allowed for this project. For more information, contact Dr. Laurie Cella (ljcella@ship.edu )or Dr. Karen Johnson (kgjohnson@ship.edu ).  

Nature Trail Program InstallationDo you enjoy working with plants or helping people learn about nature? If you like working outdoors and serving the community through an education initiative, this service activity is for you!  Take this opportunity to work with your fellow students to install a series of plant identification tags along the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail and Burd Run Stream Corridor.  These markers will help community members, especially school children, learn more about the plant life in our area.  For more information, contact Dr. Sean Cornell at srcornell@ship.edu or Dr. Heather Sahli at hfsahli@ship.edu. 

A Future at Shippensburg Are you considering pursuing a Modern Languages major, an International Studies or Ethnic Studies minor, or a Latin American Studies Certificate?  If so, you may want to join a project with a group of students of Latino and Haitian origins who will spend the day at Shippensburg University.  First they will be given an introduction in the Modern Languages Department that will emphasize the importance of college education, the value of their heritage languages, and terminology related to life at a university.  Then they will meet with someone from admissions to explain how to be admitted at the university--grades, procedures, whom to contact.  Finally they will be given a tour of campus.  They will be offered a picnic lunch and will then proceed to the football game. For more information, contact Dr. Agnes Ragone at acrago@ship.edu.