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Minors offered by Teacher Education Department

Early Childhood Minor -- 24 crs.
Required (24 crs.)

TCH160 Child Development
ECH200 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECH215 Infant and Toddler Programs
ECH240 Primary Curriculum
ECH340 Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum
ECH460 Family, School, and Community Partnerships
ECH461 Assessment in Early Childhood
ECH462 Practicum in Early Childhood

Reading Minor – 18 crs.
Required (15 crs.)

TCH255 Multicultural Issues and Strategies in Basic Education
RDG340 Seminar in Literacy Tutoring
RDG232 Reading in the Elementary School
RDG329 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas
RDG333 Classroom Based Literacy Assessment

Electives (3 crs.) (Select one)

RDG422 Studies in Children’s Literature
RDG490 Selected Topics in Reading
TCH423 Integrating Literature in Middle Grades
SPE303 Effective Listening

Minors offered by other departments (see department section for requirements)

Anthropology—18 crs.
Art—21 crs.
Coaching—21 crs.
Communication/Journalism—18 crs.
Economics—18 crs.
English—18 crs.
Ethnic Studies—18 crs.
French—18 crs.
Geography/Earth Science—21 crs.
German—18 crs.
Gerontology—18 crs.
History—18 crs.
International Studies—21 crs.
Music Literature—18 crs.
Philosophy—18 crs.
Political Science—18 crs.
Psychology—18 crs.
Public Administration—18 crs.
Spanish—18 crs.
Speech—18 crs.
Theater—18 crs.
Women’s Studies—18 crs.

Concentrations offered by other departments:

Biology Concentration—(23 crs.)
BIO106 Principles of Biology 4 crs.
BIO120 Botany 3 crs.
BIO110 Zoology 3 crs.
BIO260 Genetics 3 crs.
BIO235 Introduction to Ecology
BIO340 Ecology 3 crs.
BIO300, 301, 302 Biology Seminar 1 crs.
Plus two upper division 300-400-level
courses selected by advisor. 6 crs.

A student taking this concentration should not take Basic Biology.

Chemistry Concentration—(15 crs.)

CHM121 Chemical Bonding 3 crs.
CHM123* Laboratory IA Chemical Systems 2 crs.
CHM122 Chemical Dynamics 3 crs.
CHM124 Laboratory IIA Experimental Quantitative Analysis 2 crs.
CHM221 Modern Organic Chemistry I 3 crs.
CHM223* Laboratory IIIA Experimental Organic Techniques 2 crs.

* With the consent of the chemistry department, CHM125 and CHM225 may be substituted for CHM123 and CHM223.

Mathematics Concentration—(19 crs.)

MAT211 Calculus I 4 crs.
MAT229 Elementary Linear Algebra 3 crs.
CPS180 Microcomputer Basic 3 crs.
MAT333 Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry 3 crs.
EDU420 Microcomputers in the Classroom 3 crs.
Elective 3 crs.

Multicultural Education/TESOL
(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

This sequence requires evidence of competence in any modern foreign language as demonstrated by a grade of GOOD on MLA Test or other appropriate measures.

Multicultural Core (6-9 crs.)
ANT111 Cultural Anthropology 3 crs.
ENG358 Ethnic Literature 3 crs.
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology: Society and Diversity 3 crs.
Choose one of the following:
HIS207 Women in History 3 crs.
HIS341 African American History 3 crs.
HIS342 United States Minorities 3 crs.
Professional Education TESOL (6 crs.)
TCH255 Multicultural Issues and Strategies in Basic Education 3 crs.
SPN225 An Introduction to Spanish Children’s Literature 3 crs.
Elect one:
EDU325 Teaching of Foreign Language
ENG223 The Grammars of English
Related Electives (0-3 crs.)
SPN400 or SPN490 when a Latin Americantopic is offered.
SOC243 Minority Groups (Prerequisite: SOC101) 3 crs.
SPE160 Introduction to Intergroup/Intercultural Communications 3 crs.
PSY270 Social Psychology 3 crs.
MUS461 Folk Music of the World 3 crs.
GEO140 Cultural Geography 3 crs.
PHL295 Comparative Religions 3 crs.

Sociology Concentration—(18 crs.)

SOC101 Introduction to Sociology: Society and Diversity 3 crs.
SOC241 Contemporary Social Problems 3 crs.
SOC243 Minority Groups 3 crs.
SOC220 Social Stratification 3 crs.
SOC254 Social Movements and Social Change 3 crs.
SOC450 Classical Social Theory 3 crs.
One elective with the advice of anadvisor (200 level or above) 3crs.