Coaching Minor

Why Study Coaching

Responsible coaches are educated and prepared to contribute to the positive influence sport has on individual players and society at large. For those who wish to coach in a secondary educational setting, the coaching minor will be particularly advantageous. It will also be helpful for anyone who intends to work within a recreational or leisure sport environment involving children or adults, such as swim clubs, community leagues, junior/senior high schools and colleges.

The coaching minor at Shippensburg University prepares you to work with athletic teams in youth sports, junior or senior high school sports, or in recreational sports settings. This minor does not prepare teachers to teach physical education classes in a school setting. Many of our students enroll in the coaching minor to supplement their chosen major, which can be a stepping stone to many career options. For example:

  • Elementary education and Secondary education majors who minor in coaching are trained to teach during the day and coach after school.
  • Biology majors who select the coaching minor have gone on to graduate school to study exercise physiology after graduation from Shippensburg University.
  • Psychology majors with a coaching minor have gone on to graduate school in sport psychology.
  • Business majors with the coaching minor have gone on to graduate school in sport management and marketing.

The coaching minor is open to undergraduate, graduate, and non-matriculating students. In addition, any non-minor student, based upon space availability during schedule adjustment, can elect Sport Psychology and Mechanical Analysis of Sport Skills. Transfer students, both internal and external, are selected for admission based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic proficiency in college of university course work. Admission is competitive and selective. A 2.0 GPA is required.
  2. A change of major/minor available on the Registrars web page.

To complete the minor, you'll take a total of 18 credits, including 5 required core courses, and 1 elective course. Students in the coaching minor will need a minimum grade of “C” in each course in order to complete the minor.

Required courses:

  • ESC243 Physiological Basis of Sport
  • ESC244 Mechanical Analysis of Sport Skills
  • ESC325 Sport Psychology
  • ESC340 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
  • ESC400 Methods of Coaching

Choose 1 of the following 4 electives:

  • ESC 200 Lifestyle Management
  • ESC 207 Stress Management
  • ESC213 Org & Admin of Fitness & Sport Facilities
  • SOC275 Sociology of Sport & Leisure

Students in ESC400 spend three hours a week in the classroom. In addition, five hours a week are spent in a supervised sport setting in one of many schools assigned by the professor.

NOTE: Education majors who teach during their senior year are encouraged to declare the minor early. They should plan to take ESC340 during the sophomore year and ESC400 during their junior year. 

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