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Philosophy Minor

At Shippensburg University, philosophy professors encourage student interest in, and enthusiasm for, intellectual endeavors and wisdom.

Philosophy at Ship

The word “philosophy” relates to Greek words that mean roughly “love of wisdom.” Philosophy is an academic discipline with a certain history and content. The content of philosophy courses at Shippensburg is primarily related to Western philosophers and thinkers.

Philosophy is a discipline with characteristic methods and techniques. The most common technique taught at Ship is the analysis, and evaluation of concepts and theories.

Philosophy courses at Ship teach critical thinking. Philosophy teaches people how to understand, analyze, and evaluate concepts and theories. It helps us to comprehend peoples’ ideas and form intelligent opinions about them. Therefore, philosophy is used everywhere.

Admission and Degree Requirements

The curriculum of the philosophy minor is designed to allow students maximum intellectual freedom. Students must take a minimum of 6 courses or 18 credits of philosophy, including 2 of the 3 required courses:

  • PHL248 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • PHL249 History of Modern Philosophy
  • PHL340 Contemporary Ethics

Students must also take at least one other course at the 200-level and at least one course at the 300-level.

Careers in Philosophy

Since philosophy teaches people how to understand, analyze, and evaluate ideas, it is helpful in any career. A small number of Ship's students use the minor in philosophy as a stepping-stone to graduate study in philosophy. Those students hope to teach philosophy at the university level.