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Technical Professional Communications Minor

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Technical/Professional Communications Minor

Students completing the Technical/Professional Communications Minor will possess a well-rounded education that will help them become lifelong learners adaptable to and conversant with changing workplace dynamics.

Technical/Professional Communications Minor at Ship

Technical/Professional Communications is an exciting 18-credit interdisciplinary minor offering state-of-the-art preparation for the professional workplace—a perfect complement to almost any major. This program is one of the most comprehensive minors of its kind.

The minor’s flexible interdisciplinary design provides students with a combination of the intellectual competencies and highly marketable professional skills they need to embark on a successful career. Students will take two core courses in technical writing and computer systems, and a variety of additional courses ranging from web design to advertising copy writing, from organizational theory to advanced technical writing.

Admission and Degree Requirements

Any undergraduate student—from the Colleges of Business, Arts and Sciences, and Education and Human Services—can register for the Technical/Professional Communications Minor. This flexible program can readily fit into most 4-year degree plans.

Students complete 6 credits by taking two of the following core courses, one in writing and one in computer systems:

  • CSC103 Overview of Computer Science OR
  • CSC110 Computer Science I ** OR
  • ISM142 Business Computer Systems AND
  • ENG238 Technical/Professional Writing I

The remaining 12 credits may be completed by taking any of the following courses (excepting internships, no more than two courses per department can count for minor credit):

  • ART217 Computer Design I (Page Composition)*
  • ART306 Computer Design II (Illustration)
  • ART319 Computer Design III (Painting and Photo Manipulation)
  • ART425 Computer Design IV (Multimedia)
  • ART430 Computer Design V (Web Design)
  • ART435 Computer Design VI (Book and Portfolio Design)
  • COM112 Media Writing*
  • COM224 Electronic Media Writing
  • COM285 News Writing and Reporting
  • COM290 Advertising Copywriting
  • COM425 Feature Writing
  • CSC434 Web Programming**
  • ENG323 Reviewing the Arts for Publication
  • ENG438 Technical/Professional Writing II (pre-requisite: ENG238)
  • HCS260 Computer-Mediated Communication
  • HCS350 Theories of Organizational Communication
  • MGT305 Organizational Behavior
  • PHL240 Ethical Issues and the Media

Optional Internship (up to 3 credits): upon completing 12 credits, with permission of director.

Other courses may be approved on an individual basis, with permission of the director and following syllabi review.

*Pre-requisite to any other courses in that department

**Computer science majors only

Careers in Technical/Professional Communications

Students completing the Technical/Professional Communications Minor possess up-to-date knowledge and skills that, combined with their major, can lead to careers such as:

  • Social media/digital marketing specialist
  • Editor
  • Market researcher
  • Technical writer
  • Web content developer
  • Media specialist
  • Advertising writer/designer
  • Publications manager

In addition, these skills are often sought as a technical component in many professional positions that are not primarily technical: grant writer, researcher, and marketing manager, among many others.