Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tours of campus?

SU offers Daily Visits. For additional information, to view available visit dates, or to register for a visit go to

For information on our Open House programs go to

What is SU's CEEB code?

Our College Entrance Examination Board number is 002657.

What is SU's financial aid code?

003326 Please direct your financial aid questions to our Financial Aid Office at (717) 477-1131 or go to

Does SU have an application deadline?

SU does not have an application deadline. We review applications year round, also known as "rolling admissions." Our application fee is $45.

How do I apply to SU as a first year student?

Complete a Shippensburg University application online or mail your completed paper application to the address below along with your $45 application fee. Link to our online application,

Applying with a Fee Waiver - you may submit a paper application or an online application. If you are applying online and using a fee waiver, please complete the entire application and once prompted for payment, select "paying with a fee waiver." You must now mail your fee waiver to the Admissions Office before your application can be processed.

Fee Waivers can be obtained from your High School Guidance Office.

Please have your High School Guidance Office send your official transcript directly to our Admissions Office at the address below.

SAT and/or ACT scores need to be submitted directly from College Board, or by the High School Guidance Office.

Do you require an essay or letters of recommendation?

Recommendation letters, resumes, and personal essays are recommended, but not required. If submitted, this information will be reviewed during the admissions process. This information will also be taken into consideration by our Scholarship Committee. There is NO specific recommendation form to be completed.

Address: Shippensburg University, Admissions Office, 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257

What is tuition at Shippensburg?

For current tuition and fees, including room and board, please go to Questions regarding tuition and/or payment plans should be directed to our Student Accounts Office at 717-477-1211.

How Can I check on the Status of my Application?

Go to and click on "Check Your Application Status." If all information has been received you will be notified by mail of a decision. NOTE - Information regarding specifics of transcripts and/or SAT scores will not be discussed over the phone. We can only verify information we have received.

If your social security number or birth date is incorrect in our system you will NOT be able to access your application status. Please contact the Admissions Office, 717-477-1231, if you are unable to access your information.

You will not be able to view your application status directly after you submit your online application. It takes at least two business days for your application fee to process and your application to load into our system.

What is the earliest I can apply for admissions?

You can apply at any time, but applications for the following fall begin to get consideration in late September of what would be your senior year in high school. We highly recommend students taking the SAT or ACT during their junior and senior year.

What High School courses should I take?

SU does not require a specific set or number of high school courses. We do recommend that you take as many challenging courses as you can or follow college prep guidelines. We recommend the following as guidelines:

    • Four years of English
    • Three Years of sequential Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trig, College prep math)
    • Three years of laboratory science
    • Two years of one foreign language is recommended but not required. (Three years are required for a BA degree at Shippensburg.)

Do you give college credits for Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP)?

Yes, to find out how many credits you can earn at Shippensburg University through AP and CLEP tests go to

Are there scholarships available?

SU has many scholarship opportunities, both merit and need based. Scholarships are available to freshman and upperclassman, as well as a wide variety of other forms of financial aid. For a listing of scholarships or for financial aid information go to

Do I need to apply for Scholarships?

Freshman scholarship recipients are selected by a committee of faculty and administration. All applicants to the university ranked in the upper 40 percent of their high school senior class and with combined SAT scores over 1000 will automatically be considered for these awards. There is no separate scholarship application to complete.

When will I learn how much financial aid I will receive?

After your FAFSA has been submitted and you are admitted to the university your admit letter will provide information on how to access our Student Aid Portal to review your financial information. Once the financial award information is available it will be posted on the portal.

Are jobs available on campus for students?

Yes. Part-time employment opportunities on and off campus are available through Federal and State work study programs. Students with demonstrated financial need are given priority in job placement. An effort is made to place as many students as possible who have desired work skills. Positions include work in administrative and faculty offices, the library, classes, University residence halls, and on the campus grounds. Additional student employment opportunities are available at the University Store and Campus Dining Services.

For information on Work Study positions go to

I have been accepted and I am having trouble paying my deposit online. What should I do?

First make sure your Pop-up blocker is turned off.

Your social security number or birthday may be incorrect in our system. Please contact the Admissions Office, 717-477-1231, to verify your information.

NOTE - Shippensburg University does not accept VISA for deposits or tuition payments.

How do I find out what transfers to Shippensburg?

See our website at

At the above link is information for transfer students as well as course equivalency information. We also encourage you to access PA TRACK,

Does SU have a program to help students graduate in four years?

Yes, this program is called The Raider Plan. With the assistance of an academic advisor you will be scheduling for 15 credits per semester for a full time student. [PDF]

Am I required to live on Campus?

Entering freshman and transfer students having earned fewer than 30 undergraduate college-level credits are required to reside in university housing. Exceptions to this policy include those students who live within 50 miles and reside full-time in the home of their parents or legal guardians, those who are 21 years of age or older, and/or legally married. For additional information on campus housing go to or contact the Dean of Students office at 717-477-1164.

Can I bring a car to campus?

Yes, on campus parking is available for freshman and transfer students. You must purchase a parking decal ($50) from campus security. For additional information, please go to

How do students without cars get around campus?

The majority of students walk to where they need to go on campus and the town of Shippensburg is within walking distance from campus. The Raider Regional Transit-RRT is a local bus system serving Shippensburg University and the Shippensburg community. Our shuttle service will take you around campus as well as through the Shippensburg community, to local shopping centers and the regional Chambersburg Mall. For additional information or to view bus schedules go to

Does SU provide support services to students with IEPs and disabilities?

Yes. Our Office of Disability Services (ODS) provides accommodations and services to ensure equal educational access to otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities. To contact our ODS Call (717)477-1329 or All students are encouraged to take advantage of the Learning Center located in Lehman Library on campus. For additional information on services offered go to

Does SU offer intramural and club sports?

Yes. Shippensburg University recognizes more than 100 student centered clubs and social organizations. By joining one of these groups, students have an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests.

I would like to change my major. What do I do?

Email your request to the Admissions Office at Make sure to provide your full name and birth date. This prompts a review of your application to ensure that you meet the requirements for admissions into that major.

If you are a current SU student, you will need to complete a change of major form. These forms are available in your academic department office.

How do I select my minor?

Students can pursue a minor in a wide variety of academic disciplines. Once you begin your classes at SU contact your academic department to declare your minor. If you need to change your minor contact your academic department.

My home address has changed. What do I do?

Incoming freshman should email their change of address information to the Admissions Office at

Once you have started taking classes at SU, address changes go to the Office of Registrar.

Do I need to bring my own computer to campus?

No. Although each dorm room is wired for high speed Ethernet connections, there are several computer labs around campus, in the library, and academic buildings. University computer labs are completely networked and many areas across campus are wireless.

What type of computer is right for incoming or returning students?

For use on ResNet, nearly any new PC or laptop will do. The key is to find the right balance of performance, features, and price for the type of computer that suits your needs and future plans! For additional information go to

Current students with questions about scheduling courses, grades, withdrawing from a class, who do I go to for this information?

Those issues are handled by the individual department; see your appropriate secretary for help.

Do you offer any courses online?

Yes, during all semesters, depends upon the program of study. We do not offer any full degree programs online.