Random Student ImagesWelcome First Year Student

Completing the application process and meeting all the deadlines can be stressful. From your first contact with Ship you will quickly realize how committed we are to your success.  

We have a strong reputation for helping students realize their full academic potential. From advanced technology to off-campus study opportunities all over the map, Ship can connect you with the latest ideas and resources in education.  

Undecided on a major?  No problem.  Our Undeclared program will help you assess your interests and aptitudes so you can make your decision based on a better understanding of yourself and your career options. 

At Shippensburg, you will find plenty of ways to put a personal spin on your education-- independent study, honors work, original research, and study abroad are just some examples.

First Year Student Application Process

Shippensburg is selective in its admission standards. Most entering students
present SAT or ACT scores above the national average as well as a typical high school college preparatory program. In the admissions decision, we consider your class rank, grade point average, level of difficulty of your high school curriculum, and
standardized test scores.

  1. Contact: Applicants for admission to Shippensburg University may apply online. Applicants may also call 717-477-1231 or toll free 1-800-822-8028 or e-mail the Office of Admissions at  admiss@ship.edu and request application forms.
  2. Deadlines: Complete and submit application forms, together with a non-refundable fee of $30, early in the senior year. Freshman candidates are urged to initiate the application process as soon as possible for the fall semester. Candidates for spring semester are encouraged to submit applications by November 1. Final dates for receiving applications in the Office of Admissions for any entry period are subject to change without notice. * Shippensburg University subscribes to the CEEB fee waiver program. This program provides waivers for those students for whom the fee is judged a hardship. Students should request submission of the fee waiver form through the guidance counselor.
    1. Applications will be considered by the Office of Admissions on a rolling basis. The applicant will be notified after the application is complete.
  3. Transcripts: The secondary school transcript form must be requested from and sent by the counselor directly to the Office of Admissions for the paper and online applications. The time required for processing an application can be reduced if the application and transcript are mailed together, directly from the secondary school. GED results must be sent directly from Department of Education.
  4. SAT Scores: All applicants are required to submit at least one set of scores on the SAT I: Reasoning Test of the College Entrance Examination Board or American College Test (ACT). The writing portion of the SAT will be used for placement purposes only. Those students taking the ACT are encouraged to complete the optional writing test. Arrangements should be made with the guidance counselor to take the SAT I during the junior and senior year. Applicants who graduated from high school more than two years ago are exempt from this admission requirement.
    1. SAT II: Subject Tests are not required for admission. However, if submitted, these scores will be used to assist in course placement.
  5. Suggested High School Courses: Although the university does not require specific numbers and types of high school courses, we strongly urge students to pursue a typical college preparatory program in senior high school which should include: four years of English, three years of social sciences, three years of sequential mathematics, three years of laboratory science, and three years of one foreign language.

Admission to Shippensburg

  1. Deposits: When approved for admission to the university, each student will be required to make a NON-REFUNDABLE confirmation deposit. Those students admitted to the residence halls will make an additional NON-REFUNDABLE room deposit. The deposits are payable to Shippensburg University and will confirm the intention of the student to become a matriculated student. Admitted students may go to www.ship.edu/admissions, then click on "Check Your Application Status".  Enter the required information.  After your News and Information page appears, click on Pay Advance Deposit.  NOTE:  Only American Express, Discover, and Mastercard credit cards are accepted with a 2.5% convenience fee.  Electronic Checks can also be drawn from your bank account at no charge.  You will receive notification if payment has been completed, please keep for your records. 
  2. Deadlines for submitting the confirmation deposits: May 1 or, if admitted after March 1, the deadline prescribed in the offer of admission letter. Extensions of the confirmation deposit date may be requested by sending a letter to the Dean of Admissions.
  3. Interview: A personal interview is not required for admission but in some situations is advisable. Please call in advance to arrange an appointment.
  4. Medical Form: A medical form will be forwarded to all successful applicants following receipt of the confirmation deposit. Completion of the medical form is required for enrollment.
  5. Final Transcript: A favorable admission decision is based upon the student's qualifications at the time of the offer and is contingent upon his or her maintaining those standards through graduation from the secondary school. The student must request the final transcript (including date of graduation) be sent to the Office of Admissions. Failure to submit a final transcript will result in a hold on the applicant's file.
  6. Placement Testing: Placement testing may be required in English, reading, mathematics, and foreign language. Notification of test dates and which exams must be completed, will be provided after admission by the Placement Testing Office.
  7. Orientation: Orientation programs are held in the summer and prior to the beginning of fall semester. An orientation program is also held at the beginning of the spring semester.