Jeongah Seo, Social Work

Seo, JeongAh

Home country: South Korea

Class: Freshman, Social work

Why did you decide to study abroad?

I wanted to enhance my English speaking skills. I also wanted to have diverse experiences in America.

What do you like most about studying at SHIP?

I like the fact that I am the only Korean international student in Shippensburg. Since I cannot speak with any other Korean students here, I must speak English and this helped me a lot to be independentand enhance my English ability. I study hard in order to keep in class with American students, so I firmly believe that I will feel comfortable to use English more and more as time goes by.

Have you had a chance to do extracurricular activities or interact with Americans outside the classroom?

I am involved in AAO (Asian American Organization), so I share the culture differences with students. I have also had the opportunityto go to Duke university as part of ECASSU (East Cost Asian American Student Union)

What SHIP experience would you always remember?

I cannot forget the people who always encouraged me whenever I faced language issues. When I stayed up for several nightsto write perfect paper, I as really nervous to do well because Americans students just write the paper in a very short time. I had to struggle the week before to collect adequate information, write paper, proofread, and go to learning center. Whenever people say that I am doing well and my English skill is enhancing,I am motivated and feel really great whenever I got encouragement.

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