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Registration FAQs 

Q & A below is designed to give yousome helpful information and answer some of the questions that you may haveabout registering for your semester courses. If you have other questions, do not hesitate to ask your academic advisor,department chair, or dean.

01. Who is my academic advisor?

Allstudents are assigned to a faculty academic advisor.  Students with a declared majorare advised by a faculty member assigned bytheir academic department.  Studentswho have not declared a major are assigned an advisor through the Office ofUndeclared Students. To access your advisor information:

  • Log in to myShip at
  • Clickon the Student tab and select My Academics
  • UnderMy Student Resources, click on My Advisor
  • Usethe faculty directory to look up contact information

If you do not have an assigned advisor, please contact yourdepartment office or dean’s office.

02.When can I register for the upcoming Fall2014 semester?

  • New, incoming, first-semester students will register for their fall courses at their Summer Orientation session.
  • Transfer students will be able to self-register after receiving their Registration Pin number from their department chair or academic advisor.
  • Graduate students may register at any time during the open registration period.
  • Current Undergraduate Students are assigned a Registration Time Ticket.  You will not have access to the registration system before your window opens or after it closes.  So, it is extremely important that you complete your registration during your assigned time.

   To confirm your Registration TimeTicket:

  1. Log in to myShip at
  2. Click on the Student tab and select My Academics
  3. Under RegistrationTools, select Registration Status.
  4. If prompted, select the appropriate semester.

03. Whatif I missed my Registration Time Ticket or need to make adjustments to my fallschedule?

You will have two opportunities to complete or adjust your  schedule:

  • Schedule Clean-Up:  
  • Schedule Adjustment:  

04. What do I need to do to be ready toschedule my courses?

There are several things you need to complete prior to your Registration Time. 

  1. Confirm your Registration Time Ticket.

   2.   Complete required academic advisement to receiveyour Registration Pin Number.  You will not be able to access the registration system without your alternate PIN.  Confirm with your advisor what must be done to receive your pin number.  Don't wait until the last minute when your advisor may not be available.

If you lose your alternate PIN for registration, you will have to contact your advisor or department office to obtain this PIN.  If there is no one in the department office, you should contact your dean’s office.

  1. Clear any holds that may be on youraccount.  If a hold has been placed on your record because of delinquent accounts, room damages, parking tickets, health forms, must declare major, etc. you must go to the office that posted the hold and clear the hold from your record before you will be permitted to register.

4.    Know your program requirements. Review the undergraduate catalog and any program planning sheets from your department. Review the General Education requirements in the catalog.  Review your Degree Audit to identify which courses you still need to take.

5.    Check course requirements. Read the university catalog for any special requirements or prerequisites. DO NOT schedule courses for which you do not have thenecessary pre-requisites.

6.   Planyour schedule.  Review the schedule available within myShip. Do not create time conflicts, select sections that are not closed, and choose alternate courses. 

05. How do I check to see if I have any holds on my account?

    To check to see if you have any holds:

  • log into myShip at
  • click on the Studenttab and select My Academics
  • Under Registration Tools, click on the CheckHolds link to view any holds you may have. 

06. How do I access my online Degree Audit?

     Follow these steps:

  • Log into myShip.
  • Select the Student tab.
  • SelectMy Academics.
  • My Student Resources
  • My Degree Audit
  • You will have to log into Degree Audit with your SU login information.

07. How can I know what courses areactually being offered to satisfy a particular General Education Category?

A list of courses is available in the Resource Center binder. You can access a list of courses being offered and break it down by specific General Education Categories through the advanced class search function.  To access this information:

Log in to myShip.

  • Click on the Student tab.
  • Click on My Academics.
  • Click on Look up Classes from the Registration Tools section.
  • Select the term and click Submit.
  • Click on the Advanced Search button.
  • Select all subjects from the Subject dropdown (Select the first subject.  Then press SHIFT + PAGE DOWN and hold until all subjects are selected).
  • From the Attribute Type dropdown, select the General Education Category.
  • ClickSection Search.

08. How do Iregister for courses?

  • Log on using your User ID and password.
    If you have a current ID card, but cannot log into it now, you need to contact the Registrar's Office. If you have lost your ID, you must contact the Campus police for a replacement.
  • Click on the Student tab. Select My Academics from the drop down menu.
  • Under Registration Tools, select "Add Or Drop Classes".
  • Build a schedule by browsing, or by entering the course registration (CRN) numbers.
  • Submit your schedule. You must click the submit changes button to complete your schedule. When you submit your schedule, it will return results. If you don't see these results, you did not SUBMIT your schedule. If you don't SUBMIT CHANGES, you do not have a schedule!
  • Logout of the session, print a schedule or schedule more classes. Close the window to ensure no one can use the back button to enter your record.

09. Whatshould I do if I earn placement in a developmental course? 

If youearn placement in developmental math, reading or writing, we strongly encourageyou to take the appropriate developmental coursethrough SHIP, your local college, university, or community college thissummer.  The Placement Testing Office canassist you to identify appropriate courses. 

When you take the developmental course(s) will be determined by what is most appropriate for your academic progress.  You should not register for more than 2 developmental-level courses in a semester.

  • Basic Writing (ENG050) should be completed during the first semester.
  • Developmental Reading and Study Skills (RDG050) should be completed during the first semester.  If you are placed into developmental reading, contact the Placement Testing Office for options on taking the challenge exam.
  • The scheduling of a developmental math course will be determined by your placement level and choice of a major or areas of interest.  Your academic advisor will assist you in scheduling MAT 050 at the appropriate time.
  • Student-athletes must complete developmental-level courses in their first year.

    Please note:

  • Placement into developmental-level courses is determined by the university’s placement testing procedures. If you have a question about your placement, contact the academic department (English, Math, Reading).
  • You must successfully satisfy the developmental placement to be eligible to enroll in the follow-up courses.  This can be done by:
  • Earning a grade of “C” or better in the required developmental course.
  • Passing the departmental challenge exam.
  • Contact the academic department to discuss the options.
  • Credits earned in developmental courses are included in determining a student’s class standing, and the grades are computed in the student’s quality grade point average; however, these credits do not count toward the total number of credits required for graduation.  

10. I checked thecourse schedule, and the course I want is CLOSED. What do I do?

 If the class is closed, it will be indicated by “C.” This indicates that no seats are    available.  You should:

  • See if a different section of the course is open.
  • Select a different, appropriate General Education course.
  • Ifwait list option is available, put name on course wait list.
  • If there is no wait list for a course you feel you must take, contact your advisor to discuss your options.

11. How do I get ona waitlist for a course?

If a course is closed and you must take the course for the upcoming semester to fulfill requirements of your program of study, sign up for class waitlist. 

  • Log in to myShip
  • Click on the Students tab.
  • Click on My Academics.
  • Click on Add or Drop Classes from the Registration Tools section.
  • If prompted, select the appropriate term.
  • Search for the class for which you would like to register.
  • If the class has a waitlist, it will be indicated.
  • Note the course registration number (CRN) for that class.
  • Manually enter the CRN in the Add ClassesWorksheet section of the Add or Drop Classes form.
  • In the Action drop-down menu, select Waitlist.
  • You MUST select Submit Changes to submit your waitlist request.
  • Verify the course appears as a waitlisted course.
  • If you no longer need a course for which you have waitlisted, use the Add or Drop Classes form to drop the class.
  • Signing up on the waitlist does NOT guaranteeyou a seat in the course.  

12. How will I know if I have been added to a course that I waitlisted?

You will be notified by email if space become available in the class and you are being moved from the waitlist to the class. 

13. I attempted toregister for a course and got a REGISTRATION ERROR.  What do I do?

Below are the common registration errors and actions you can take: 

  • Field of Study Restriction Contact the secretary of the department under which the course resides to request an override for a course. 

    Prerequisite / Test Score error:  You are not eligible for the course because placement level is too low or you have not satisfied course prerequisite.  Register for the appropriate prerequisite.

  • Special Approval – Instructor: Contact the department under which the course resides to request an override for a course. 
  • SR: Student Restriction:  You are not permitted to schedule for one of the following reasons:
    -- Not scheduling time: Must wait until assigned time ticket or Schedule Clean-up.
    -- A hold exists on your account: Must go to office that placed hold to have it removed.
    -- Student status is inactive: Contact Registrar’s office
  • Reached Maximum Credits:  Banner will limit undergraduate students to 17 credit hours.  If you desire to register for more, you must go to your dean’s office to request overload override.

14. Where can I obtain permission to register for arestricted course?

Contact the secretary of the department under which the course resides to request an override for a course. 

15. How do I getpermission to register for more than 17 credits?

  You must go to your academic dean’s office and request an override to register for more than 17 credits.

16. I have beengranted an override, how do I register for the course?

Once the override is given, you should be able to register for the course during your registration window.  Perform the following steps to register:   

   Verify theoverride was given for the course.

  • Log in to myShip.
  • Click on the Student tab.
  • Click on My Academics.
  • Click on Check Registration Days from the Registration Tools section.
  • In the Registration Permits and Overrides section of the page any override given will be listed.

   To register forthe course:

  • Log in to myShip.
  • Click on the Student tab.
  • Click on My Academics.
  • Click on Add or Drop Classes from the Registration Tools section.
  • Manually enter the CRN in the Add ClassesWorksheet section.
  • ClickSubmit Changes.

17. How many courses should I take each semester?
Moststudents take five courses (15 credits) each semester. There are times,however, when a reduced load may be desirable for students who participate insports, students on academic probation, students who have learning difficultiesor students who work. It is important to remember that graduation is the goaland not a race. The key is for you to determine the best course load for you.

  • To maintain fulltime status, you must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours each fall and spring semester.  This is important to maintain financial aid, NCAA eligibility, and if you are on your parents’ insurance policies.
  • If you have earned developmental placement in reading, you will be limited to take 4 courses (including developmental reading) in your first semester.

18. Should I always repeat courses in which I earned "F"grades?

It is stronglyrecommended that you repeat the course(s) as soon as possible. The grade youearn on the second attempt will replace the previous “F”, so this is anexcellent strategy to improve your grade point average.  You should repeat the course in the nextsemester while the information is still fresh on your mind.

19. Should I repeatcourses in which I earned "D" grades?

Not always. It depends on your major and the GPA goals you have set for yourself.

    There are several things you should consider before repeating "D" grades.

  • If you receive forms of financial aid, repeating a "D" may have a negative impact on your financial aid eligibility. Before repeating any “D” grade, go to the Financial Aid Office and confirm its impact.
  • If you are a student-athlete, repeating a "D" may have a negative impact on your NCAA eligibility. Before repeating any “D” grade, go to the Coordinator of Student-Athlete Support Office and confirm its impact.
  • You should repeat a "D" if GPA is a critical issue. However, keep in mind that improving a "D" grade to a "C" does not significantly improve a GPA. Improvement from a "D" to a B" will.
  • BEWARE: When you repeat a course, the second grade replaces the first for GPA computation even if it is lower that the first grade you earned.
  • You should immediately repeat a "D" if your major/minor program requires a grade of "C" or better. While some majors accept "D" grades, others require students to repeat any and all "D" grades earned.

20. If I received a "D" or "F" grade in acourse at Shippensburg, can I repeat it at another university?

You are strongly encouraged to repeat any courses at SHIP.  Grades earned at Shippensburg cannot be        replaced by grades earned at another school.  So, even if  you earned an “A” at the other school, you would  receive the hours and course credit, but the grade will not help your SHIP GPA, and the grade earned at SHIP  will continue to be factored into your GPA.

21. If I repeat a course, do I have to take it with the sameprofessor I had the first time?

No. You may choose to take the same professor, but you are free to select another professor if you prefer.

22. Do I have to take a foreign language?

The best answer is—it depends. Students enrolling in Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)degree programs must satisfy the modern language requirement. This would include the following majors:

Art & Design

Communication Journalism



Human Communication

Interdisciplinary Arts

International Studies

Modern Language

Political Science



The Modern Language Requirement can be fulfilled by:

  • Completing 3 years of the same language in high school.
  • An AP score of at least 2.
  • Completion of a 103-level language course.
  • The number of foreign language courses you may need to take would be determined by the number of years you have already completed in the language. Your academic advisor will explain the placement policy for students who completed less than 3 years of the same language in high school.

Majors in Bachelor of Science degrees (B.S., B.S.B.A., B.S.Ed., B.S.W.) do not require a foreign language. You may elect to take a foreign language as either a General Education Category B or free elective course.

  • 1 modern language course may be used to satisfy General Education Category B requirements.
  • If you take more than 1 course, the additional hours will count as Free Electives.