Schedule Clean-up & Schedule Adjustment

Students who were unable to schedule classes or register for a full schedule during their assigned registration time ticket or would like to make adjustments to their schedule will have the opportunities to register for courses or make changes during the Schedule Clean-Up and Schedule Adjustment periods. Students can confirm these dates through their myShip portal.

  • Log in to myShip.
  • Click on the Student tab.
  • Click on My academics.
  • Click on Check Registration Days from the Registration Tools section.

Tips for Students

  • Before scheduling courses or making adjustments to your schedule, contact your academic advisor to ensure that the courses/changes are appropriate.
  • Do not drop a course already scheduled until you are assured you can replace it with another course.
  • If you are attempting to schedule a General Education course, know what all of your appropriate options are for the Category.
  • During schedule clean-up and schedule adjustment, you may not be able to find openings in the specific courses or with the professor you desire. Be prepared to schedule courses that satisfy what you need rather than what you want.
  • Be patient and be persistent in searching for classes during schedule clean-up and schedule adjustment.
  • And, be assured that Shippensburg is committed to making sure that by the first day of classes you will have a full schedule of courses that you need.

Schedule Clean-Up and Schedule Adjustment FAQs

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