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Advisor Development and Resources Team (ADRT)

The ADRT was established in fall 2000 and given the charge to improve advisement campus-side. Initially, the team was composed of a small cadre of volunteer faculty. Currently, all academic departments are encouraged to designate a representative to serve a three-year term on the team, and almost all of the academic departments are represented. 

Current Members of of ADRT

 Chair of ADRT                                       Dr. Steve Wallace      
                                            College of Arts and Science
 Dean's Office  
 Biology Dr. Nathan Thomas
 Chemistry Dr. Jeb Kegerreis
 Communication/Journalism Dr. Carrie Sipes
 Computer Science Dr. Jeonghwa Lee
 English Dr. Erica Galioto
 Geography/Earth Science Dr. Sean Cornell
 History/Philosophy Dr. Brian Ulrich
 Human Communication Studies Dr. Sharnine Herbert
 Mathematics Dr. Debbie Gochenaur
 Modern Languages Dr. David Wildermuth
 Music and Theater Arts  
 Political Science  
 Psychology Dr. Toru Sato 
 Sociology/Anthropology Dr. Ying Yang
                                 College of Education and Human Services    
 Dean's Office Dr. Nellie Cyr
 Criminal Justice Dr. Michele Bratina
 Special Education  
 Exercise Science Dr. Sam Forlenza
 Social Work Dr. Jayleen Galarza
 Teacher Education Dr. Han Liu
                                      John L. Grove College of Business    
 Dean's Office Dr. Tony Winter
 Finance/SCM Dr. Robert Setaputra
 Management/Marketing  Dr. Ron Taylor
                               School of Academic Programs and Services    
 Dean's Office Dr. Sarah Stokely
 Department Academic Services Dr. Chad Bennett
 Office of Undeclared Students Denise Yarwood
 Student-Athlete Support Services Kurt Dunkel
                                           Other Offices and Programs    
 Honor Programs Dr. Kim Klein
 Library Dr. Kirk Moll
 Office of Disability Services Paula Madey