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Whether you are a returning adult student or entering the university for the first time, we know that you face unique challenges in continuing your education and achieving your academic goals and that your expectations and needs as a college student differ from those of the traditional student. To be successful at SHIP, you will need to figure out how things are done here and what the program requirements and policies and procedures are. You may find that the expectations and academic rigor at SHIP are challenging. So, it will be important for you to identify and maximize use of available resources to assist you to achieve your goals. Shippensburg University is a caring, supportive community that is committed to creating an environment in which all students have the greatest potential for success. The information on this website will help you become familiar with the programs, policies, and resources of the university so you can make appropriate decisions about your educational experiences and enjoy a successful journey.

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Non-Traditional Student Program
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FAQs for Non-Traditional Students
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Ms. Janet McKeithan-Janifer
Associate Dean of Students
Non-Traditional Student Services
(717) 477-1661

NTS Spotlight: Brittney Mosser

Non-Traditional Student Organization
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