Alumni Mentoring Network

The Alumni Mentoring Network is available to students, faculty, staff and alumni who would like to make connections with alumni in a chosen career field. This is a great way to find out about the realistic job market before deciding to pursue a career; locate potential speakers or internship opportunities; identify alumni volunteers for special projects; or prepare for a career transition.

How can students benefit?

  • Learn more about potential career field(s) – talk to alumni to gather current information about starting salaries, hiring criteria for entry-level candidates, and working conditions for careers in industries of interest to you.

  • Explore internships or full time opportunities with companies/organizations where alumni are currently employed.

  • Contact alumni willing to serve as guest speakers for a variety of campus clubs/organizations in which you may be involved.

  • Establish relationships with alumni interested in serving as mentors to current Shippensburg University students as they prepare for careers after graduation.

  • Connect with alumni to discover specific steps to take to “put your best foot forward” and become more marketable as you enter the workforce. Get your resume critiqued by alumni who work in the career field you are interested in.

Where can I find the list of alumni volunteers?

SHIP Career Connection is our online source for jobs, internships, career information and the mentoring network ProNet. To access SHIP Career Connection follow these instructions:

Step 1:Go to

Step 2: Under “SHIP CareerConnection” click on “current students”.

Step 3: Login with your SHIP email address and password. First time using SHIP Career Connection? Take a few minutes to complete your Profile. Click on the “My Profile” tab to get started.

Step 4: Click the “Networking” Tab.

Step 5: View the abbreviated list of approved mentors (with current job title and company name). To view specific alumni and more detailed information, click “View”.

Step 6: Click “Interested” after reviewing the profile of a mentor you’d like to contact.

Step 7: Type a professional message to your prospective mentor.

Step 8: Proofread your message for typos and spelling errors, and then click “Send”.

Step 9: After clicking “Send,” scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “back” button. DO NOT CLICK THE “MENTORING COMPLETE” button or your message will not be sent.

Give the mentor time to receive and respond to your message. When he/she has time to respond, you will receive a follow-up email.

Keep the following in mind when corresponding with alumni:

  • Our alumni volunteers want to help you – be courteous and professional at all times. Keep in mind that they don’t “owe” you anything. They are volunteering their time to participate in this service.

  • Review emails carefully for grammatical and/or typographical errors before hitting send.

  • Use formal language in all email correspondence. Avoid using slang/abbreviations/text-speak that you may normally use when corresponding with friends. Using “Hey,” “LOL,” and smiley faces are not acceptable ways to address professionals you have never met. Always address the person as Dear Mr./Ms. Smith.

  • Consider contacting multiple alumni in the database to increase the likelihood of making a meaningful connection with the most appropriate person to meet your needs/interests.

  • Use an easily identifiable subject line in all email correspondence. For example: “Shippensburg University student requesting assistance/advice in __________”

  • Have questions ready to ask so you are prepared to initiate conversation with the alum.

  • Be patient. Our alumni volunteers have work duties/responsibilities outside of responding to your emails.

  • Don’t be “pushy” or demanding in your correspondence. Professional, polite correspondence always achieves more positive results. For example:

    • My name is Joan Smith and I am a sophomore marketing major at Shippensburg University. I received your information from the Alumni Office’s Mentoring Network and was hoping you would be able to provide me with some additional insight related to employment opportunities in the marketing field.

    • My name is Matt Johnson and I am a junior mathematics major at Shippensburg University. I received your information from the Alumni Office’s Mentoring Network. I am an active member of the Mathematics Club on campus and we are seeking alumni who would be interesting in serving as a guest speaker at one of our upcoming meetings to talk about career opportunities in mathematics for those with bachelor degrees.

    • Hello, Ms. Jefferson. I received your contact information from the Alumni Office’s Mentoring Network at Shippensburg University. As a junior Sociology major, I have always been extremely interested in beginning my career with the Peace Corps. With your background in this area, I was hoping you could provide me with some additional insight into the application process and share some ideas/suggestions that will help me increase my chances of getting accepted into the Peace Corps.

  • For additional suggestions on how to professionally connect with alumni in the SHIP Career Connect ProNet, please contact the career development center. They would be more than happy to review your email before you send it to an alumnus.

  • Always follow-up with an appropriate “Thank you!” Let the alumni know you appreciate the time they are taking to provide you with assistance/information.