Alumni Admissions Program

College Fairs

Shippensburg University is known for its spirit of giving. Not only does the SU family appreciate your financial support, but your volunteered time, your participation at events, and your ideas for improvement. Thank you for your continued generosity.

Representing Shippensburg at your local college fair has proven to be a rewarding experience for alumni and one of the most effective ways of getting the word out about Shippensburg by sharing your SHIP stories.

How you can help

As an alumnus involved with the program, you will be able to attend college fairs in your local area to promote Shippensburg to interested students and their families. Shippensburg will provide you with all the necessary tools to help you, while you provide your personal experiences. Training is provided each year in early fall. Non-veterans of the program are assisted by an admissions counselor from Shippensburg.

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