South Central PA

Over seventy-four percent of Shippensburg alumni live in Pennsylvania, with close to fifty percent of Pennsylvania SU alumni residing in the SouthCentral PA region. The SouthCentral PA region encompasses the counties of Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster and York. A multitude of activities for alumni are held in the area each year. Contacts for the region are listed on this page. Contact these alumni if you are new to the area, or plan on visiting. They'll be able to provide valuable information in assisting with your move or to make the most of your vacation. To help plan activities for alumni in the SouthCentral PA region, contact your alumni representatives.


Carlisle, PA:

Debbi Juba Chronister '89

New Freedom, PA:

Joan Crouse '74-'76M

York, PA:

Colette Dixon '95

Biglerville, PA:

Jill Grim '91

New Cumberland, PA:

Tracy McCurdy '86

Harrisburg, PA:

Bill Minsker '68-'73M

Brenda Waleff '83

Jill Ibberson Williamson '88

Middletown, PA:

Stephanie Ponnet '93

Dauphin, PA:

Carrie Wise '95