News & Events

Department Trips

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. 

  • Every semester

New York City Art Galleries and Museums 

  • Twice a semester, a day trip
  • Three day trip, each semester 

Special Events

Spring Break 2015
March 5 - 12
Florence/Rome, Italy 

Spring Break Trips Include: 

  • Round trip airfare
  • Local coach to hotel and airport
  • Double occupancy, tourist-class hotel
  • Continental breakfast in the hotel

SU students earn one art credit as part of this program.
Note: SU students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, retirees of SU, and the community-at-large are all welcome to join this trip.

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Department of Art & Design
Shippensburg University
Huber Visual Arts Center 210
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA 17257

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Prospective Students

Welcome to the On-Line Portfolio application to the Art & Design Department of Shippensburg University.  In order for you to be considered for admission, you must complete the following process. Below this introduction, you will find a series of assignments. It is the completion and submission of these assignments that will complete your portfolio.  

To be successful, you will need to carefully and competently complete these assignments. Once completed, you will then need to photograph or scan the resulting work and send the images to our review committee for evaluation.    

What we are asking for is very elementary, so you must demonstrate comprehension and skill. This requirement has been implemented so you may share your interests in art with us. The quality of the work submitted will assist us in judging your possible success in our program.   

On average, within two weeks of submitting your portfolio, the Art & Design Department will have reviewed your portfolio and you will receive an email letter regarding your status.   

Portfolio Review Dates:

All prospective Art & Design Students (including transfers, both external and Shippensburg students transferring from another major) must submit their portfolio between September 3 and December 3 to be admitted in the Spring semester, and between Jan. 15 and June 1, to be admitted for the Fall semester.

PLEASE NOTE: This MUST be accomplished in order to maximize your eligibility for financial aid and scholarships. A student who submits a portfolio during the Portfolio Review period, and who is accepted into the art or art education major, will be given scheduling priority with required art courses.

The department reserves the ability to review and accept some applicants outside of the assigned Portfolio Review dates in rare and unusual circumstances. Our Portfolio Committee will review all portfolios. Every portfolio MUST include 3 of our specific assignments.  

We encourage students to complete all 5 of our studio assignments, but we will accept 3 out of the 5 if they reflect a high level of creativity, craft, and skill.

MINIMUM Portfolio Requirements:

Select 3 projects from the 5 listed below. We strongly suggest selecting 2 projects that are two-dimensional and 1 that is three-dimensional. Complete these projects, along with your Statement of Interest, and then submit each to our Portfolio Review Committee. 


Select two of the following three projects:

1. "Rendering a Still Life"  - Concentrate on composition, perspective, and observation. Draw a simple still life arrangement of forms (such as cups, bowls, and fruit). Create the illusion of Light (Value) with the use of graphite pencils.  Use a single light source (such as a desk lamp) on your still life.

2. "Drawing from Life" - Draw a portrait of a friend or relative using a realist approach. Utilize traditional media such as a graphite or charcoal pencil. Draw from life! DO NOT work from photographs. Use a strong light source in this drawing.  Do not use a color medium for this drawing.

3. "Mixed Media Self-portrait" - Combine media of your choice (for example, graphic design, painting, drawing, photo collage) to create a very expressive self-portrait. Your self-portrait should convey your emotions and perhaps reveal your inner self.  You may use Color for this work.


Along with the ability to create 2D works of art, the Department of Art and Design places equal importance on your ability to work three dimensionally.  Please select a minimum of one project from the following:

4. "Rendering an Object in Space" - Select one of your favorite shoes; analyze the shoe concentrating on line and negative space.  Recreate the shoe on a larger scale using wire.  Keep it simple, use wire for your only medium and pliers as your only tool.

5. "Innovative Outdoor Creation" - Using no more than $10 worth of any material, create the largest 3-Dimensional outdoor work you can that seems to defy gravity.  You may interpret this in any way you wish.  Document your creation in photographs. 

Statement of Interest 

Please write and submit, as an attached document, a one-page statement, double spaced, as to why you want to pursue the Art or Art Education Major. Please express your goals, objectives, and why you are passionate about art as a career.  Your Statement Will demonstrate your writing skills, and SHOULD be free of errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Submission Procedure

Please submit all components of the portfolio TOGETHER, and be sure to include your Name, Address and email address on ALL submitted materials.  Please note that the maximum attachment size is 10MB, so your submitted jpegs should be no larger than 1MB. 

Please Note: Submission of any and all materials for the Art & Design Admissions Portfolio Requirement is also your acceptance of the Shippensburg University Dishonesty Pledge. If any of your submitted work is not created or authored by you, you will be in violation of the pledge and your application will not be accepted.

Dishonesty Pledge: “On my honor as a student, I acknowledge that I have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance on this examination/assignment’ nor have I witnessed any such unethical behavior."

Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism: If you are unfamiliar with the academic dishonesty and plagiarism statement in the Shippensburg University catalog please read the same. Any student violating these stated policies will be subject to the sanctions listed under penalties.

If you have difficulty with the on-line submission process, you may hand deliver or mail your CD with your images and Statement of Interest to the following address:

William Whiteley, Art & Design Chairperson 
209 Huber Art Center - (Attn: Art Portfolio)
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg Pa 17257

Please note: The CD will not be returned.

Please email completed work to