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Office Location: FSC 335

Phone Number: (717) 477-1092

Email: prdeli@ship.edu

Personal/Research Webpage: http://prdelis.wordpress.com/


2001. Ph. D. Degree (Biology). University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

(Ph. D. Dissertation: Hyla gratiosa and H. femoralis [Anura: Hylidae] in West Central Florida: a comparative study of rarity and commonness)

1993. Masters of Science (Zoology). University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

(Master’s Thesis: Effects of Urbanization on the Community of Anurans of a Pine Flatwood Habitat in West Central Florida)

1987. Bachelor Degree in Biological Science (Zoology). University of Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain

1986. Biology Major. University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain


Born in Sevilla, Spain, I became interested in zoology (cool creatures!) early on in my childhood as I was moving to Madrid, Toledo, and Murcia. During my youth, largely in Murcia, I spent most of my weekends and summers hiking with the Boy Scouts of Spain and learning about nature. At this time, I also joined the environmentalist organization Asociacion de Naturalistas del Sureste and became involved in bird banding, amphibian surveys, and general conservation issues in Murcia and neighboring areas. While finishing college studies in Sevilla, I was interested in ornithology postgraduate studies on the ecology of wading birds in the Southwest of Spain. In 1988 however, I moved to the USA where I pursued my graduate degrees and developed my passion for amphibians and reptiles. I spent 12 years in Florida soaking Florida’s amazing biodiversity and, at the same time, saddened by its unbridled agricultural and especially urban growth. In 2002, I moved to Pennsylvania where I am happily teaching and doing research on species that I love, especially box turtles, and lately Pennsylvania snakes.

Research Interests

I am a vertebrate biologist, interested in ecology, behavior, morphology, and evolution. My research emphasis is population biology of amphibians and reptiles. With the use of comparative approaches, I examine morphological, ecological, and behavioral specializations that explain the current demographic status of species and communities. I am working on generating models that predict the fate of species under pressure from human disturbance.

I am establishing a long term and comparative study to address demographics and conservation of Pennsylvania's Herpetofauna. A major part of this study is being developed at Letterkenny Army Depot, Chambersburg, PA. I am interested on life history traits, behavioral characteristics, phenotypic plasticity, and their implications for the conservation of the species. In my research strategy, I combine traditional herpetological and field ecology techniques, as well as cutting edge remote sensing (GIS) and laboratory techniques such as genetics and molecular biology. I often cooperate with intramural and extramural colleagues interested in similar topics.

I am developing permanent lines of communication and interaction with research institutions in Florida (USA), Andalucia (Spain), and Murcia (Spain). I am committed to the early involvement of students in science through my teaching and my research projects, with the goal of developing their full understanding of the scientific methodology as well as the intricacies of the biological world

Courses Taught

Ecomorphology, BIO577

Capstone Seminar, BIO499

Vertebrate Zoology, BIO463 (Not in catalogue anymore)

Biota of Florida, BIO425

Herpetology, BIO417

Coastal Herpetology, BIO417 (AT WALLOPS ISLAND)

Vertebrate Zoology, BIO363

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, BIO370

Principle of Biology: Organismal Diversity), BIO162

Environmental Biology, BIO145

Introduction to Ecology, BIO142

Selected Publications

Meshaka, E. Walter Jr., Naim Edwards and Pablo R. Delis. 2012. Seasonal activity, reproductive cycles, and growth of the pickerel frog, Lithobates palustris (LeConte, 1825), from Pennsylvania. Herpetological Bulletin 119: 1-8.

Meshaka, E. Walter Jr., Eugene Wingert, Randy W. Cassell, Pablo R. Delis, and Noel Potter Jr. 2012. Status and distribution of the Eastern Spadefopot, Scaphiopus holbrookii (Harlan, 1835), in Pennsylvania: state wide conservation implications for an imperiled species. Collinsorum 1(2/3): 20-24.

Meshaka, E. Walter Jr., Eugene Wingert, Randy Cassell, Pablo R. Delis, and Sarah A. Mortzfeldt. 2011. Breeding episodes of the Eastern Spadefopot, Scaphiopus holbrookii (Harlan, 1835), in Central Pennsylvania. Journal of Kansas Herpetology 40: 10-12.

Meshaka, E. Walter Jr., Pablo R. Delis, and Sarah A. Mortzfeldt. 2011. Seasonal Activity, Reproductive Cycles, and Growth of the Northern Leopard Frog, Lithobates pipiens (Schreber, 1782), From Pennsylvania. Bulletin of the Maryland Herpetological Society, 47: 23-35.

Delis, Pablo R., R. S. Stewart, and C. Kindlin. 2010. The Herpetofauna of Letterkenny Army

Depot, South-Central Pennsylvania: A Starting Point to the Long-Term Monitoring and Management of Amphibians and Reptiles. Journal of Kansas Herpetology 34: 11-16.

MS Student Research Projects

Benjamin Hepler (Starting in 2012). Turtle Community in Wetlands in Letterkenny Army Deport, South-Central Pennsylvania, PA.

Julia Russell (Starting in 2012). Morphological variation in Ringneck Snakes, Diadophis punctatus, in Pennsylvania.

Daniel Hughes (In Progress, 2012). Ophidian Community in Wetlands in Letterkenny Army Deport, South-Central Pennsylvania, PA.

James Anderson (In Progress, 2011). Ophidian Colonization of a Reclaimed Wetland in South-Central Pennsylvania, PA.

William Humbert. Graduated 2012. Morphometrics and Ecology of the Genus Anaxyrus in South Central Pennsylvania, PA.

Undergraduate Student Research Projects

Ryan Klinger (In Progress 2012). Automated Anuran Calling Surveys

Stephanie Williams (In Progress 2012). Marble Salamander Biology

Sarah Bartle (In Progress 2011-2012). Turtle Biology and Marble Salamander Biology

Montrell Wilkerson (In Progress 2011-2012). Urban Snake Community

Alexander F. Delis (In Progress 2011-2012). Turtle Shell Biomechanics