Advice for Students

Before You Speak to Employers

  1. First, decide what careers appeal to you by reviewing your past work experiences, your academic preparation, and your interests, skills, and values.
  2. Your next step is to review the organizations participating in CAREER EXPO 2012. Identify and research those organizations that may offer career opportunities in which you may be interested. Research the organizations.
  3. After gathering your information, attend the CAREER EXPO 2012 and locate the representatives of those organizations that interest you.

Greeting Employers

  1. Shake hands and introduce yourself - "Hi, my name is ________and I'm a (class year) (major)."
  2. Hand the representative your resume.
  3. Take a few minutes to describe yourself, interests, and opportunities you are seeking.

Questions to Ask

The following career exploration questions are listed to assist you in interviewing organization representatives for relevant career information. Focus on asking questions that will assist you in identifying career alternatives.

"What are the typical entry-level jobs in your organization?"

"What educational preparation do you feel is best to enhance career opportunities within your organization?"

"For what locations do you hire graduates?"

"How do you view the employment opportunities within your organization for graduates in the next two or three years?"

"What factors should be considered by a person who is contemplating entering your organization or profession?

"Is there room for advancement within your firm? If so, in what specific areas?"

"What skills or talents are most essential for effectiveness in your organization?"

"How rapidly is your profession and organization growing?"

"Does your organization have an internship or summer employment program?"

What type of training is provided to graduates within your organization?"

"What advice would you have for a student interested in employment with your organization?"

"Are there any books, periodicals, or other references you recommend for a person interested in a career in ___________________________________________ ?"

Concluding the Contact with Employer

  1. Gather literature and ask for a business card.
  2. Shake hands and thank the representative for their time.
This is a valuable opportunity to gather information. Explore all your possibilities. The more you know, the better your future career decisions will be.

In addition to the booths for organizations, there will be informational booths set up outside the MPR that may help to enhance your educational experience and provide you with a wider range of career opportunities upon graduation. These booths include:
    * Career Development Center
    * Business Internship Program
    * Studying Abroad in a Foreign Country