Career Expo 2010

On October 27, 2010, the John L. Grove College of Business sponsored the "Career Expo 2010" in Shippensburg's Recreation Center. With 56 participating companies and governmental agenciesin attendance, students had the opportunity to network with prospective employers regarding full- and part-time positions, internship opportunities, and to learn about a wide-variety of careers. More than 330 students, dressed in their best business attire and armed with resumes in hand, engaged employers, many of whom were Ship alum, with the hopes of securing a great position.

The Career Expo, which has become a favored biennial event at Shippensburg University, was made possible through the efforts of Dr. Tony Winter, Ms. Melanie Lugo, Mr. Joe Lyons, and the rest of the staff in the Grove College of Business. Students representing our business professional organizations volunteered to work throughout the day toperform functions critical to the Expo's success including employer and student registration, marketing, decorating and eventtare-down.

A special thank you to everyone who contributed to thesuccess of Career Expo 2010!

Expo 1

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