Dr.Sarah Bryantto study in South America

A Shippensburg University professor will be traveling overseas to expand her knowledge on global business.

Dr. Sarah Bryant, professor of finance, will travel to South America in May to participate in the Faculty/Professional Development in International Business (F/PDIB) Overseas program. Bryant’s trip to Brazil, Argentina and Chile will be sponsored by Florida International Universbryantity.

According to Bryant, while overseas, she will learn culture, business practices, economic development issues and political issues. “I teach global financial management, and am on the International Education Committee. My research has been in global economic and financial markets, so this trip will help me to emphasize more on South America,” she said.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have been given this grant and opportunity. I have traveled to many areas of the world, mostly on business, but never to South America.”

Last year, Bryant spent 10 days in Jordan as a consultant through the US Agency for International Development (USAID). She was asked to create various economic scenarios Jordanian leaders could use for contingency planning, to look at how the country might react to various economic challenges. She has also traveled to Egypt during previous work as a consultant to eight countries on the African continent.

Bryant, former dean of the college of business at Clarion University, has taught at universities both in the United States and abroad. She has taught at City University of London, Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University and the University of Maryland, College Park. She also served as director of the MBA program at City University of London and as a senior financial economist at the U.S. Department of Treasury.