International Study Abroad Expo

The Grove College of Business hosted the second annual International Study Abroad Expo on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 in the GRH Forum. The event featured eight different countries that were hosted by Ship students who had studied abroad in those countries and/or by international students who are currently studying at Ship.

Dr. Anthony Winter, associate dean in the Grove CoB, welcomed everyone and introduced Ms. Mary Burnett, director of International Studies, and students Dustin Lowry and Nancy Carr and each of them shared their perspectives on the importance of studying abroad. A high intensity and spirited video on Poland, presented by Polish students Daniel Machlanski and Kris Goldy, was shown to get students geared-up for the Expo.

Over 50 students in attendance enjoyed learning about the different countries and eating the variety of delicious international food that was served throughout the event. Hopefully the event was successful in educating our students about different cultures and in planting some seeds of interest in our students to further explore study abroad opportunities in the future.

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