John L. Grove College of Business

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CoB Organization Chart

John L. Grove College of Business

Dean's Office

John Kooti, Dean

Debra Booz, Administrative Assistant 

Michael Coolsen, Interim Associate Dean 

Anita Weaver, Administrative Assistant 

Anna Bruno, Web and Faculty Support Center 

Jordan Carroll, Student Support and Retention Center

Master of Business Administration Program

Irma Hunt, Director and Associate Professor 

Alix Rouby, Director of MBA Recruitment, Business Internships and Entrepreneurial Outreach 

Kacie Gordon, Secretary (Temp)

Business Internship Program

Alix Rouby, Director of MBA Recruitment, Business Internships and Entrepreneurial Outreach 

Kacie Gordon, Secretary (Temp)

Charles H. Diller, Jr. Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation

Otso Massala, Director

Alix Rouby, Center Outreach 

Small Business Development Center

Michael Unruh, Director and ELC Coordinator 

Robin Burtner, Business Consultant/Education Programs Coordinator/Budget Coordinator 

Cheryl Young, Business Consultant 

Charles Haney, EMAP Consultant 

Accounting and Management Information Systems Department

Brian Wentz, Chair and Associate Professor 

Tina Commerer, Secretary 

Accounting Faculty

William Bealing, Professor 

Hyunpyo Kim, Associate Professor

J. Jay Mackie, Associate Professor 

Mary Myers, Professor 

Edward Pitingolo, Associate Professor 

Susan Rummel

Huilan Zhang, Associate Professor

Management Information Systems Faculty

Joseph Catanio, Associate Professor 

Azim Danesh, Professor 

Viet Dao, Professor 

Yucong Liu, Associate Professor

Finance and Supply Chain Management Department

Ian Langella, Chair and Professor 

Christina Foschia, Secretary

Finance Faculty

Fan Liu, Associate Professor 

Ming-Shiun Pan, Professor 

Dung A. Pham, Associate Professor 

Hong Rim, Professor 

Suyan Zheng, Associate Professor

Supply Chain Management Faculty 

David Hwang, Associate Professor 

Otso Massala, Associate Professor

Thomas Morgan, Associate Professor

Robert Neidigh, Assistant Professor 

Fei Qin, Associate Professor

Robert Setaputra, Professor 

Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department

William Oberman, Chair and Associate Professor 

Melissa Kougher, Secretary 

Management Faculty

Joseph Beck, Associate Professor 

Wendy Becker, Professor 

Jerry Carbo, Professor 

Nathan Goates, Assistant Professor 

Blake Hargrove, Professor 

Irma Hunt, Associate Professor

Amir Sedeh

Robert Stephens, Associate Professor 

Vicki Taylor, Associate Professor 

Allison Watts, Associate Professor 

Marketing Faculty

Sunhee Choi, Associate Professor

Yancy Edwards 

Adam Powell, Associate Professor 

Mohammad Rahman

Ronald Taylor, Professor 

Entrepreneurship Faculty

Shelley Morrisette, Associate Professor