Management Information Systems (B.S.B.A.)

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The Management Information Systems professional utilizes tools, techniques, and concepts of various disciplines such as computer science, management science. These interdisciplinary tools combined with an understanding of the basic needs of an organization enable the information system professional to apply computer technology to the solution of a wide range of business problems. Frequently information systems professionals interact with individuals in the functional areas of an organization to analyze information needs and requirements and to serve as a liaison with computer systems personnel.

B.S.B.A. Core Requirements
B.S.B.A. Worksheet/Flow Chart/Suggested Program Plan/Others Forms
Course Descriptions (See Section 3 S.U. Undergraduate Catalog)
Required Courses 

  • MIS240  Introduction to Programming Concepts
  • MIS340  Business Programming
  • MIS344  Business Systems Analysis & Design
  • MIS355  Database Applications
  • MIS420  Telecommunications & Distributed Processing
  • MIS446  Applied Project Management


  • MIS242  Design and Development of User Information Systems
  • MIS300  Information Technology & Business Operations
  • MIS442  Electronic Commerce & Tech Integration
  • CSC110  Computer Science I
  • GEO202 Intro to GIS

By the beginning of the sophomore year, a student majoring in business information systems will be expected to have access to a personal computer which is compatible with the hardware and software used in the management information systems program. Our computer labs, though well-equipped, are utilized by a large percentage of students from each college within the university. Due to this high demand, a personal computer is invaluable to fulfilling course requirements completely and on time.

Career Opportunities
Positions include systems analyst, data administrator, network specialist, Internet designer, systems facilitator, applications programmer/analyst, customer and sales support representative, and technical trainer. Career paths include management of information systems development and operation as well as management positions within specific functional areas.

For additional information: S.U. Undergraduate Catalog (See Section 2, John L. Grove College of Business)
and for Course Descriptions (See Section 3).

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