Fall 2014 CLASSES 

STOP.  Read this first.  It only makes sense to make a wait list request if:

  1. If all sections of a course are closed or
  2. It is restricted and you don't meet the restriction conditions.

Don't submit a request if you can sign up for the course yourself!  Please remember to check prerequisites for each course you would like to take.

NOTE: Getting on the wait list does not guarantee you a place in the course. In general, we will notify (email) you of your status sometime before schedule adjustment.    

Student Information     *REQUIRED


Last Name

* First  Name

* Student ID

* Email

* Major


 Concentration for Management Majors

* Total Credits Earned
(not including this semester)



If the course is not listed, we are not doing a wait list for it at this time. 

You may only select one course per submission.  If you need to get on more than one wait list, submit the form once for each desired course.


You must enter the Section and CRN
number for the course you have selected  

            * Section           * CRN#     



The following MUST be included in your request: (1) Any second or third choices for a section of a course, (2) THE ERROR YOU RECEIVE IN BANNER when registering for the class yourself, and (3) an explanation of particular needs or particular reasons you must take this course (i.e., changing major, graduating in a particular semester, etc.).