Welcome to the John L. Grove College of Business!


The John L. Grove College of Business, established in 1971, is one of the premier business schools in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Northeast). Over the last four decades, our College of Business has established a tradition of excellence. In 1981, we became the first school in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and the ninth college overall in Pennsylvania to become internationally accredited by the most prestigious business accrediting agency in the world, AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Today, we are one of only 24 schools in Pennsylvania and one of approximately 700 worldwide to have earned AACSB International accreditation. Under the guidelines of accreditation, we are committed to continuous improvement as we seek to meet the educational needs of our students, our community and our region.

Dean’s Message

Welcome to the John L. Grove College of Business! We are proud of providing AACSB accredited business programs at low cost. In addition to excellent academic programs, I would like to also introduce you to our faculty, student organizations, services, and student related programs. We have an excellent faculty with diverse professional, research, and teaching interest. Classes are held in smaller settings with top of the state-of-the-arts facilities, which support our efforts to serve your educational needs. Explore the possibilities of our nationally acclaimed Grove College of Business where "Our Goal is Your Success!"

Business Majors

As a student in the Grove College of Business, you have the opportunity to explore at least one of twelve majors:

Accounting International Management
Entrepreneurship Management Information Systems
Finance Marketing
Management Personal Financial Planning
Human Resource Management Supply Chain Management
Information Technology for Supply Chain Management Logistics
Business Education
with (certification optional)

Foundations of Business

During the first semester as a student in the College of Business, you will take BSN 101– Foundations of Business Administration. This 2 credit course is required of all CoB majors! Upon completion of BSN 101 students will have developed their academic plan as well as have gained an understanding of the CoB, professional organizations, the Business Internship Program (BIP) and other CoB connections and university resources and opportunities.

Dean's Offices and Support Staff

Dr. John Kooti
Dean, Grove College of Business
Office: Grove Hall 124
Phone: 717-477-1435
E-Mail: JGKooti@ship.edu

Dr. John Kooti

Debra Booz
Administrative Assistant
Office: Grove Hall 124
Phone: 717-477-1435
E-Mail: DKBooz@ship.edu

Debra Booz

Dr. Anthony Winter
Associate Dean, Grove College of Business
Office: Grove Hall 128
Phone: 717-477-1620
E-Mail: ASWint@ship.edu

Dr. Anthony Winter

Anita Weaver
Administrative Assistant
Office: Grove Hall 124
Phone: 717-477-1620
E-Mail: AMWeav@ship.edu

Anita Weaver

Alix Rouby
Director of MBA Recruitment,
Business Internships and Entrepreneurial Outreach
Office: Grove Hall 317
Phone: 717-477-3346
E-Mail: ajrouby@ship.edu

Alix Rouby

Anna Bruno
Support Center/CoB Website
Office: Grove Hall 129
Phone: 717-477-1520
E-Mail: AMBruno@ship.edu

Anna Bruno

Dr. Robert Stephens
MBA Director
Office: Grove Hall 221
Phone: 717-477-1684
E-Mail: RDStep@ship.edu

Dr. Robert Stephens

Patarin Hoffman
Office: Grove Hall 324
Phone: 717-477-1483
E-Mail: MBA@ship.edu

Patarin Hoffman

Dean’s Office Staff

The Grove College of Business Dean’s office suite is located on the first floor of Grove Hall. Dr.’s John Kooti and Anthony Winter are supported by two Administrative Assistants, Debra Booz and Anita Weaver. Anna Bruno provides technical support for the College of Business web pages, social media design and faculty support.

The Business Internship and MBA office is an extension of the Dean’s office and is located on the third floor of Grove Hall. Dr. Robert Stephens and Justin English are supported by Marylyn Ramdat and work to assist students interested in pursuing Business Internship opportunities as part of their academic program or an advanced degree in Business Administration.

The various offices work under the auspices of the Dean as a team to provide students with services such as academic program reviews, professional organization support, issue resolution and advanced program solutions. We can be reached by visiting Grove Hall 128, calling (717) 477-1435/1620 or via email at business@ship.edu.

Accounting, Management Information Systems

Dr. J. Jay Mackie -Department Chair
Accounting, MIS and ITBE
Office: Grove Hall 330
Phone: 717-477-1436
E-Mail: JJMack@ship.edu

Dr. J. Jay Mackie

Tina Commerer
Office: Grove Hall 328
Phone: 717-477-1436
E-Mail: KSCommerer@ship.edu

Tina Commerer

Finance, Supply Chain Management

Dr. Ian Langella- Department Chair
Finance and Supply Chain
Management/Business General
Office: Grove Hall
Phone: 717-477-1172
E-mail: IMLangella@ship.edu

Dr. Ian Langella

Finance and SCM Secretary
Office: Grove Hall 228
Phone: 717-477-1434
E-Mail: fin@ship.edu / scm@ship.edu

Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Dr. William Oberman -Department Chair
Management/Marketing Department
Office: Grove Hall 224
Phone: (717) 477-1587
E-mail: WDOber@ship.edu

Dr. William Oberman

Karen Kelley
Office: Grove Hall 224
Phone: (717) 477-1439
E-mail: KSKell@ship.edu

Karen Kelley

Professional Organizations

All business students are encouraged to explore the different business student organizations and to join at least one during their collegiate career. Student_Organizations

Accounting Professional Association
Alpha Kappa Psi (professional business fraternity)
American Marketing Association
Beta Gamma Sigma (national business honor society)
Enactus (formerly SIFE)
Financial Management Association
Institute of Management Accountants
International Business Association
Investment Club

Investment Management Program
Logistics Management
Management Information Systems
National Association of Black Accountants
Personal Financial Planning
Phi Beta Lambda (national future business leaders society)
Society for Human Resource Management
SHIP Toastmasters
Supply Chain Management Association

Study Abroad

One of the best ways to enhance your collegiate educational experience is to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. Given today’s global economy, it is now more important than ever to experience another culture and gain a better understanding of the business world from a different perspective. An international experience will not only enable you to learn more about the world but it will also enable you to learn more about yourself as you engage in this unique and exciting educational experience. This experience will help you personally to grow and develop new perspectives on life and it will help you professionally in your pursuit of employment upon graduation. Study_Abroad


Juniors and seniors in the John L. Grove College of Business, who are in good academic standing, are eligible to participate in the Business Internship Program. Interns do major-related work in business or the professions for free elective credit during the academic year or during the summer. An internship is defined as a semester-long, supervised work experience related to a student's major or career goal for which the student earns academic credit. The work experience may be part-time or full-time and most internship are paid positions. Internship_Menu

Student Benefits

  • Applying academic knowledge and skills to on-the-job experiences.
  • Communicating and interacting with professionals in the "world of work."
  • Developing a professional self-confidence.
  • Clarifying career goals through exposure to a variety of career opportunities.
  • Earning money for university and personal expenses.
  • Building a network of professional contacts.
  • Completing free elective credit for graduation.
  • Gaining valuable professional experience that is major-related.
  • Returning to the university with renewed interest and a new perspective on learning
Frequently asked questions....

Q. How do I change my major/add a minor?
A. The first step in changing your major is to complete a Change of
Major/Minor form.Form can be found here:
When completing this form, in addition to newly added components be certain to
include all aspects of your academic program including unchanged
majors/minors/concentrations/certificates.If you fail to include all information,
some portion of your program may be inadvertently dropped. It is
important after you take action to alter your program of study you check your
academic record to ensure accuracy.

Q. What is MyShip ?
A. MyShip is your secure portal to access course registration, academic information,
records management, housing, student employment and a variety of other
links.You will login by using your Ship email and password.

Q. What is a Registration Time Ticket?
A.This is the time frame in which you will be able to register for classes.
Registration time tickets are assigned by the Registrar’s Office and determined
by the number of credits completed.

Q. How do I register/schedule courses?
A. Each semester you will be sent an email from the Registrar’s Office regarding
course registration and the process. Pay attention to all email notifications
from the Registrar’s Office as they contain important messages requiring some
level of action on your part. You must meet with your academic advisor prior
to course registration to ensure you are progressing in your academic program
as planned and review any revisions made on your part. At this time, you will
be provided with an Alternate PIN which is required for course registration.

Q. What should I do if the course registration system won’t allow me to
schedule a course?
A. Course Registration is driven by course work completed and in-progress.
If you receive an error message when you attempt to register for a course, you
need to note the specific message and contact the department for the course
you are attempting to register. If you are uncertain of what office to call, the
3-digit letter code in front of the course number is the indicator. Refer to the
online campus directory for contact information. Some departments require
specific overrides (e.g. Math) and you must gain these overrides prior to
being able to register for these courses.

Q. What is MyDegree Audit?
A. Degree Audit is a tool for students and faculty advisors to aid understanding
academic program requirements. Degree Audit is accessible to students
through the MyShip portal.

Q. What should I do if I am absent from class?
A.It is always good practice to advise your professor in writing via email if you
are going to be absent from class. If you need to be absent for more than three
days, you will generally need to provide documentation regarding the
reason/nature of the absence to the dean’s office. Each professor may have
individual attendance policies and you should refer to the course syllabus for this
information. Class attendance is vitally important to your academic success
and is ultimately your responsibility.

Q. How do I drop a class?
A. Freshmen students in their first semester and new Transfer students must visit
the Dean’s office located in Grove Hall 128 to withdrawal from a class.
All other students may drop a course by accessing their semester course
registration at My Ship. Care should be taken prior to dropping any course,
as your academic plan could be adversely affected and it also may impact
financial aid and insurance if you drop below 12 credits. Please contact
the Financial Aid office to clarify these issues. If you feel you are entitled
to a refund, please refer to the refund policy and schedule at Student Accounts.

Q. What should I do if I need to withdraw from college?
A.If you find yourself in a situation where you need to withdraw from college,
you should visit the dean’s office to initiate withdraw paperwork. If you live on
campus and/or receive Financial Aid, it is advisable to contact the Dean of
Students office, OM 211A and the Financial Aid office, OM 101 as appropriate.

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Mission Statement

The John L. Grove College of Business at Shippensburg University provides a high quality and high value comprehensive educational experience that prepares students to excel as principled leaders in the global business community.

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