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Import Genius
Shipping activities of importers and exporters around the world 

Career Advice from the trenches for Supply Chain Professionals 


Based in Seattle, WA, AccountingNet provides resource;links for accounting professionals. A "Research Library" features tax and financial listing from state, federal, and international institutions, as well as selected full text news articles. AccountingNet's "Certified Public Accountant Link Directory" includes; more than 100,000 US accounting firms, and is searchable by person's name, firm name or location, and students may find a browsable list of professional resumes useful.  

Hoover's Online: Industry Snapshots 

The comprehensive company information database Hoover's Online profiles over 40 industries from adult entertainment and airlines to movies, restaurants, and tobacco at the Industry Snapshots site. The snapshots describe key companies and current trends, and a jargon section clarifies industry-specific terms.  

Virtual Computer Library 

Librarians at the University of Texas have developed the Virtual Computer Library, a huge collection of links to computer vendors, user groups, Internet information, books and journals, conferences, FAQs, and more. You can browse the site by clicking topics of interest or search it directly by keyword.  

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences 

Lots of links to conferences, research sites, publications, and materials for students.  


Selected one of "The 10 BEST Human Resources sites on the Web" by CareerLab.  


American Stock Exchange 


NASDAQ Newsroom 

New York Stock Exchange 

Market Information 


Has stock quotes, price graphs and market information.  

Big Charts 

Has current market information, charts, and historical quotes.  


Monitors mutual fund performance for "sell" signals.  


Research and financial advice newsletters.  


Wide array of investing news, statistics, and resources.  

The Money Pages

Guide to banking and financial information.  

The Motley Fool 

An entertaining source of investment advice from professionals and amateurs, and gives model portfolios.  

Mutual Funds Home Page 


From the Quicken Financial Network.  

Silicon Investor 

Follows tech stocks with information and comment.  


Investment information and commentary with columns from James Cramer.  

Wall Street City 

Wall Street Research Net 

Wright Investors' Service 

Basic information on 13,000 companies.  

Company Information 

Annual Reports Library 

Business Wire 

Companies Online 

Basic information on 60,000 companies from Dun & Bradstreet and Lycos.  

Hoover's Online

Gives information about 9,500+ public and private companies.  

Moody's Investors Service 

Public Register's Annual Report Service 

Free annual reports.  

Standard & Poors' 

Banking & Finance 

J.P. Morgan  

Includes currency and financial indices and risk.  

Includes economic forecasts and commentary.

Government & Public Organizations 

Commerce Department 

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas  

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco  

Internal Revenue Service 


Good economic and trade information from the Commerce Department.  

Business & Financial News 

Advertising Age 

merican City Business Journals 

Has business news from 41 local markets and 46 industries.  

Barron's Online 

Bloomsberg Personal 

Business Week 


The Dismal Scientist 

Has a wealth of economic data and analysis.  

The Economist 

Entrepreneur Magazine 

Forbes Digital Tool 

Fortune Magazine 

Inc. Online 

From Inc. Magazine.  

Investor's Business Daily 

Kiplinger Online 

Money Magazine 

Reuters Moneynet 


The Wall Street Journal 

Worth Online 

Business Directories  


Well organized collection of Wall Street related Web links.  

International Business Resources 

From Michigan State University. 


Yellow pages style business information.  

Thomas Register of Manufacturers 


CEO Express 

Links to many business related sites.  

Dow Jones Business Directory 

Reviews of business oriented sites.  

Tips for Job Hunters  

Updated daily, from Internet Business Network.  

MBA Style 

Prepare for that interview; dress for success.  

Currency Converter 

Shows how much you must earn in different cities for comparable standards of living.