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The Shippensburg University College of Arts and Sciences focuses on educating undergraduates, providing select high quality graduate programs and delivering the general education program -- liberal education in a wide array of disciplines -- to the entire campus community.

Our goal is to give every student the tools to lead a meaningful and successful life as a private individual, professional and citizen. Our 17 departments, which span the humanities and fine arts, sciences and mathematics, social sciences and interdisciplinary programs, offer more than 70 different majors, minors, and certificate programs.

 We prepare students for employment in business and industry, public service, teaching or further graduate study. What can you do with an arts and sciences degree? Anything!

Dean Mike
Dr. James H. Mike  

  Message from the Dean

The College of Arts & Sciences at SU provides students with an academic program that encompasses a liberal arts education. This combination of a major program and general education helps students gather the necessary knowledge and habits of mind for an accomplished future.

 Here you will find a range of majors and minors that almost certainly pleases every interest -- and a superb faculty with the expertise to support those programs.

 Our college is founded upon the principle that a high quality, professional education within a major, when combined with a minor emphasis and a broadly-based general educational experience, provides a firm foundation upon which to build a productive and enriched life and career pathway.

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News and Announcements

  • The college welcomes Dr. James Delle as Associate Dean
  • The college welcomes Angela Noreika as the new clerk typist