CAS Student Travel (CASST) Program


The College of Arts & Sciences Student Travel (CASST) Grant Program funds students to travel to a professional conference to present (or co-present with other SU students or faculty) a paper, poster, or oral presentation.  This fund, created by the Dean of Arts & Sciences, enables greater participation in professional and academic conferences – a high impact educational practice.

Further details about the program may be found in the linked handouts below, particularly the Call for Applications Informational Handout. 

1. Call for Applications Informational Handout - CASST Call for Applications 16-17


2. Scoring Rubric for Evaluating Applications - CASST Scoring Rubric


3. Worksheet for Evaluating Applications - CASST Scoring Sheet


4. Final Report (required within 14 days of travel) - CASST Grant Program Final Report