Category A - Logic and Numbers for Rational Thinking
(One course required - 3 credit hours)

The courses in this category emphasize the use of symbols as a means of expressing complex thoughts and information lucidly and accurately. Many involve computational and mathematical operations-that is, the use of mathematics as a symbolic language where each element and rule of operation is defined very clearly in order to obtain precise understanding. Similarly, the remainder of the courses which may be taken to fulfill this requirement stress precise, logical approaches to reasoning; for example, the study of those aspects of philosophy involving the exposition of abstract ideas.

One course must be taken from any of the following, with the exception the mathematics course selected under Basic Skills and Competencies which may not be used for this requirement.

Computer Science



CSC103 Overview of Computer Science MAT117Applied Statistics PHL101 Introduction to Philosophy
CSC180 Microcomputer Basic MAT105 Mathematics for Liberal Studies PHL102 Critical Thinking
MAT140A or B College Algebra PHL103 Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
MAT110 Fundamentals of Math I PHL105 Ethical Theories & Problems
MAT175 Pre-calculus
MAT181 Applied Calculus
MAT211 Calculus I