Communication/Journalism Alumni

Megan Walde Manlove (Class of 1997):

Megan Walde Manlove received her Bachelor of Arts degree in communication/journalism from Shippensburg University, then continued her education at the University of Alabama where she taught media writing to undergraduate students while earning a master's in journalism. Newspaper career highlights include covering news from three of Alabama's major universities, all of which had robust science programs including agriculture, engineering, health and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. Megan also covered the following stories: an eight-day assignment to the Badlands of North Dakota, following the quest of a university archaeology team searching for bones with evidence of dinosaur DNA; a two-hour flight in a refurbished B-24 bomber with a man who'd flown the bird as a tail gunner during WWII; a week-long writing seminar at the Poynter Institute in Tampa for which she was selected from a national candidate pool; and being awarded the U.S. Army's Outstanding Civilian Service Medal for coverage of the repatriation of a Vietnam solider's remains after he'd been MIA for 29 years.

In 2005, after a 10-day stint in New Orleans reporting on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for the newspaper and a decade as a reporter, Megan took an opportunity to switch careers. As a specialist for science communications and marketing at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, she now fills multiple roles. She is alternately responsible for translating amazing but technical scientific discoveries into meaningful lay language, managing the production of promotional publications, promoting medical student honors and events, and coordinating advertising for clinical trial recruitment. In her spare time, Megan enjoys hiking with her husband, her son Christopher, and their dog Molly. She also enjoys spending time with their two cats, reading, photography and watching movies.