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Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise (CEFE)
Shippensburg University
Grove Hall Room 405
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA 17257

Phone: 717-477-1430
Email CEFE@ship.edu
FAX: (717) 477-4010

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                                      Workforce Development 

                      Professional Development Subject Areas

Executive Leadership Education

Strategic and Project Planning

Financial Management and Forecasting

Lean Six Sigma 

Aligning Tactics and Measurements

Project Management

Supply Chain Management 

Quality and Inventory Control

Continuous Process Improvement: Theory of Constraints

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Communications

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

Management and Supervisory Skills 

Culture Diversity

Workplace Safety

Technical, Machinery and Computer Skills

(717) 477-1430