CFEST CAMPUS SUPPORT for Teaching and Learning

Campus Support for Teaching and Learning Mission:

CFEST Campus Support is dedicated to teaching and learning initiatives at Shippensburg University, as well as within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. The interdisciplinary committee includes faculty appointments by the Provost and the Deans of the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Education and Human Services, and the committee includes an APSCUF representative. The committee meets monthly to organize and evaluate initiatives, including Teaching Teams, Conversations on Teaching, TIPS Award, and Pedagogy in Practice. The overall mission of CFEST Campus Support is to:

  • Support faculty collaboration (Teaching Teams and Conversations on Teaching).
  • Recognize innovative practices, including implementing technology in teaching and learning outcomes, integrating research projects and assignments, providing purposeful and authentic field experiences, administering authentic and varied assessments related to the course content knowledge and skills, and structuring collaborations among students and/or colleagues (TIPS Award).
  • Compile, acquire and provide resources in pedagogy and assessment (Pedagogy in Practice Newsletter).
  • Sponsor workshops or speakers focused on teaching and learning (Conversations on Teaching)
  • Collect survey data to evaluate initiatives.

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2016-17 CFEST Grants Programs Deadlines:

  • Next submission deadline for Travel and FTCE: May 1, 2017

Faculty Orientation


Grants Administration
Sally Paulson x1274
Paul Taylor x1705

Campus Support
Director: Christy Fic x1516,

New Faculty Mentorship
Director: Lynn Baynum x1102,