America Reads Challenge

America ReadsAmerica Reads Challenge participants have opportunities to tutor students in Chambersburg and Shippensburg Area School Districts. The focus of this tutoring session is on reading skill development. Part of each hour spent with a child is spent reading a book to the child as well as assisting them with homework. The Shippensburg University student coordinator is Heidi Franklin. Training sessions are held each semester for college students interested in completing field service hours by working with children in these area schools. Each building site involved in America Reads has a building site coordinator.

Interested students may call the Office of Field Services at 477-1487 or e-mail Dr. Peggy Hockersmith at (PEHOCK@WHARF.SHIP.EDU) to be interviewed as participants. If students qualify they may be paid for tutoring through work-study funds.

Students involved in this community outreach project are required to read and use, "A Handbook for Volunteers, HELP AMERICA READ" by Gay Su Pinnell and Irene C. Fountas as well as follow tutoring guidelines given them by School District Coordinators.

Form:Tutor's Weekly Information Sheet

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America Reads Challenge Guidelines
  1. The most important aspect of the one-on-one child and adult tutoring program is the on-going rapport that develops between a child in need and a caring adult. However, the following guidelines have been established.
  2. Each site has a site coordinator. § Sign-in. § The site coordinator will assign a child. § The site coordinator will call you if your child is not in school on your tutoring day. § You will call your site coordinator if you are unable to tutor on your tutoring day.
  3. Time of tutoring is 2:45 P.M. - 3:45 P.M. § Arriving 10 minutes early would be helpful.
  4. Please come prepared to read aloud to the child. You may bring the read aloud book or select one from the school library. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for this activity.
  5. Each student being tutored will have a weekly homework folder. § Read over teacher's suggestions. § Do not feel you must accomplish all of the suggested material.
  6. Take time at the end of the session to make your comments on the weekly homework sheet. Include your observations of how things went with the student.
  7. Elementary students must be supervised at all times.
  8. Elementary students may not enter the desk of anyone other than their own.
  9. No Tutoring on:
    • Early dismissal days - listen to MIX 95.
    • Snow days.
    • Scheduled holidays.
  10. Snacks are provided.
  11. Current TB tests is required and will be provided by the Chambersburg Area School District.
  12. Criminal background check is required and will be financed by Chambersburg Area School District

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