COEHS Learning Objectives

Faculty, staff, and administration in the College of Education and Human Services provide broad-based educational experiences that prepare students to:

  1. Develop a strong background in their chosen field of study.

  2. Identify the interrelationship between and among the various social agencies of the community and practice a collaborative team approach unifying standards and competencies in the role and function of professionals within the human services disciplines.

  3. Translate knowledge from the basic disciplines into practical applications to specific human and behavioral problems.

  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of and sensitivity to human understanding and individual differences. 

  5. Model an understanding of ethical standards that result in life-long responsibility for professional behavior.

  6. Develop an evolving professional attitude that will result in life-long learning.

  7. Provide resources and educational experiences in computing and information technology for use as a personal and professional tool.