Student Projects

There are many different ways that students get involved with projects while in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. While many projects are individual projects developed by a single student, some are class projects or group projects managed by one of our clubs.

Student Research Projects:

Micro-controller Projects:

  • Hot Buzz by Tyler Dalius: The Hot Buzz was designed and fabricated as a prototype project for CMPE 410, Micro-controllers. A simple idea, such as reading a temperature, manufactured into a physical device. It might not be able to fit in your pocket, but it can certainly follow a “set it and forget it” lifestyle.

Game Dev Club Projects:

Software Engineering Club Projects:

  • Tune-In: A system we developed to compete in a project run by Desire2Learn
  • ADA: A system that helps Shippensburg’s Disability Services organization to schedule, manage, and administer individual testing.