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Computing Technologies Center
MCT 050

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CTC Staff Directory

Help Line - (717) 477-HELP (x4357)  

Dennis Mathes  Assoc. VP for Technology & Library Services x1835 LL 111
Colleen Alleman  Authentication and Helpdesk Support Specialist x1421 MCT 050
Greg Day  Director of Technology Support Services x1985 MCT 073
Amy Diehl  Director of Systems and Applications x1476 MCT 076
Justin Sentz  Director of Instr. Design & Web Technologies x1507 MCT 075

Systems and Applications  

Ravi Anne  Associate Director for Applications x1552 MCT 082
Chad Kegerreis  Microsoft Systems Administrator x3499 MCT 080
Dana Denlinger  Microsoft Systems Manager x3499 MCT 077
Michael Dorshimer  Network Administrator x3499 MCT 079
Bryan LearnTemporary Applications Administratorx3168MCT 062
Benjamin Mosior  Jr. KLN Systems Administrator x3499 MCT 072
William Pooler  System Admin Mgr./KLN Hub Administrator x3499 MCT 079
William Renn   Applications Developer x3497 MCT 062
Andrea Rosenberry  Applications Manager x3885 MCT 084
Eric Shirk  Database Administrator x3707 MCT 062
Trudy Smith  Applications Manager x3170 MCT 085
John VandeBrake  Senior Project Manager x1938 MCT 083
Kim Walk  Developer/Analyst x3706 MCT 087
Benjamin WiensKLN Applications Developerx3438MCT 060D
David Wolfe  Developer/Analyst x3708 MCT 086
Alan Zanotti   Unix Systems Administrator x3173 MCT 060B

Academic Technology Support Services

Thomas Burke Technology Fee Support Specialist x3499 MCT 253D
Jonathan Groft  Desktop Support Specialist x3499 MCT 253A
Misty Gruver  Technology Fee Manager x1403 MCT 253B
Isaac Lopp  Technical Support Center Manager x3639 LL 012
Mark Luther  MIS Manager (Student Services) x3254 CUB 207
Daniel Rebert  Desktop/Remote Support Specialist x3499 GRH 008
Jamie Rhine  Academic Lab & Systems Manager x1260 MCT 074
Jim Schaeffer  Desktop/Remote Support Specialist x3499 MCT 071
Timothy Texter  Desktop/Remote Support Specialist x3499 MCT 071

Instructional Design & Web Technologies

Mira Mattern  Web Designer x3828 MCT 081
Dustin Sier  Web Developer x3169 MCT 060D