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Leader@SHIP Mission Statement

The mission of Leader@SHIP is to engage students outside of the classroom in a holistically empowering way and provide challenging experiences that promote intellectual, social, ethical, and psychological growth. Leader@SHIP is committed to fostering the development of student leaders in their professions and communities through the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership from the Student Leadership Challenge. Through self-exploration and experiential opportunities, we strive to cultivate the development of leadership values and strengths, multiculturalism and activism, interpersonal connections, and civic engagement that will complement the student's passion and future aspirations.

The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership:

5 Practices

    Choose the Right Path for You

    Track 1: Weekend Retreat-

    Learn about the importance of leadership through an accelerated weekend retreat.

    • October 1st - October 2nd
      Specialized retreat for transfer students

    • October 8th- October 9th
      Specialized retreat for first year students

    • October 22nd- October 23rd
      Retreat open to all students

    Track 2: Semester Long Program

    Learn about the importance of leadership through weekly meetings and activities. Have your choice to attend one of three meetings each week for the 8 week program. Very flexible with your schedule with a choice of which meetings work best for you.

    News & Events

    Do you want to Make SHIP Happen? Become a Leader@SHIP and help develop the new leadership development program to kick off the fall semester 2016!

    Contact Information

    Kelsey Roman
    Assistant Director for Student Group Services & Leadership Development
    University Union & Student Activities (CUB)

    Phone:  (717) 477-1560
    Fax:  (717) 477-4035

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