Previous Advanced Leaders Institute Cohorts

Spring 2014 Cohorts

Jacqueline Joseph
Travis Coleman
Javonna Wylie
Tyler Graham
Briana Rabinowitz
Christine Gonzales
Toby Hawes
Gregory Lacoff
Derek Supel
Marisa Sames
Sadie Tyrpin
Darius Howard

Fall 2012 Cohorts

Natalie Kunce
Brittany Crookman
Chelsea Washington
Joshua Rudley
Hillary Burnside
Olivia Nein
Bridget Kearney
Alison Gantz
Elizabeth Stein
Jessica Lowery
Peter Gelston (ELI)
Sara Ashman (ELI)
Shelbie Rackley (ELI)
Ashley Vellucci (ELI)
Melissa Gotthard-Shumate
Samantha Edwards
Gabrielle Wesby
Brooke Clippinger (ELI)

Fall 2011 Cohorts

Jamie Clark
Jared Berry
David Shaffer
Lauren Schlegel
Lauren Gyurisin
David Meckes
Amanda Gelber
Aleesha Faulk
Jazmine Hall
Kayla Arigo
Crystal Cole

Spring 2011 Cohorts

Terrance Griffin
Charles Mitchell
Amy Peteritis
Raediah Lyles
Justin Rabe
Amanda Swank
Darcy Frailey
Sharae Ballon
Nicholas Shearer
Justine Wnuck
Chelsea Martin
Mili Patel
Kevin Donnelly
Anastasia Neboga
Todd Smalstig
Scott Cerritelli
Brad Bechtel
Brittany Reichard
Sylvia Brosey
Jerame Smith

Choose the Right Track for You

Track 1: Weekend Retreat-

  • September 30th- October 1st
    Transfer student retreat

  • October 7th- October 8th
    First year student retreat

  • October 21- October 22nd
    All student inclusive retreat

Track 2: Semester Long Program

Have your choice to attend one of three meetings each week for the 8 week program. Very flexible with your schedule with a choice of which meetings work best for you.

News & Events

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Contact Information

Kelsey Roman
Assistant Director for Student Group Services & Leadership Development
University Union & Student Activities (CUB)

Phone:  (717) 477-1560
Fax:  (717) 477-4035

Other Leadership Opportunities @SHIP