CUB Reservations

The Ceddia Union Building (CUB) offers meeting/event spaces to reserve for recognized student groups, individual students and campus departments. For information on what rooms or spaces may best suited for your meeting/event needs, questions or assistance please contact our office at (717) 477 – 1560 to speak with Connie Gruver, Administrative Assistant for the University Union & Student Activities (CUB) and Reservationist.

All reservations must be requested through the online scheduling system:


Room # Name Capacity Type

034 Raider Commons Patio 300 Outdoor Space

035 Ship Deck Amphitheater 500 Outdoor Space

001 Raider Dining Room 500 Event Space-Dining

0H1A General & Limited Enterprise Table A N/A Info & Fundraising Table

OH1B General & Limited Enterprise Table B N/A Info & Fundraising Table

OH1C General & Limited Enterprise Table C N/A Info & Fundraising Table

OH1D General & Limited Enterprise Table D N/A Info & Fundraising Table

OH1E General & Limited Enterprise Table E N/A Info & Fundraising Table

OH1F General & Limited Enterprise Table F N/A Info & Fundraising Table

024 McFeely’s Coffeehouse 75 Event Space – Dining

100 Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)* 1000 Event Space

*100A-C, AB & BC not available when scheduled & capacities for the MPR are based on lecture style seating

100A Multi-Purpose Room A (MPR A) 250 Event Space

100B Multi-Purpose Room B (MPR B) 250 Event Space

100C Multi-Purpose Room C (MPR C) 250 Event Space

100ABMulti-Purpose Room A&B (MPR A&B) 500 Event Space

100BC Multi-Purpose Room B&C (MPR B&C) 500 Event Space

103Anchor Meeting Room 1 40 Meeting Room

104 Anchor Meeting Room 240 Meeting Room

105 Anchor Meeting Room 3 40 Meeting Room

123 Orndorff Theatre (OT) 130 Theatre

123B OT Registration Desk N/A Registration Desk

119 Anchor Meeting Room 4 70 Meeting Room

226 Anchor Meeting Room 5 60 Meeting Room

232 Anchor Meeting Room 6 50 Meeting Room

238 Anchor Conference Room 1 30 Conference Room

239 Anchor Meeting Room 7 40 Meeting Room

240 Anchor Conference Room 230 Conference Room


  • Priority Scheduling
    • Reservations on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, or for Annual/Special Events Sunday through Saturday are afforded to student groups & departments responsible for providing weekend programming or annual/special events
      • Fall Reservations: August (after Fall Welcome Week) through December) open campus wide on May 1st
      • Spring Reservations: January (after New Student Orientation) through April/May open campus wide after Thanksgiving Break
      • Summer Reservations: May through August will be accommodated based on dates for New Student Orientation, Alumni Days and Summer Camps & Conference
  • Setup Information
    • All setup information for events must be submitted to the CUB no later than FIVE-(5) BUSINESS DAYS prior to the event and any information presented outside of this time frame cannot be guaranteed.
    • Event walk through required with at least one-(1) representative from the sponsoring group for large/multi space to establish preliminary setup(s), equipment needs/staff, special requests, etc., and these meetings must take place no later than two-(2) weeks prior to the meeting/event
  • Event & Meeting Titles
    • Event and meeting titles are required for all reservations, even if the title is not finalized, information can updated closer to event or once this information has been confirmed
  • Equipment
    • Sponsoring Groups are allowed to have no more than two-(2) reps in any AV, Sound or Lighting Booth for coordination purposes only and must be accompanied by an employee of the CUB
    • Only CUB employees are allowed to operate all equipment in any AV, Sound or Lighting Booth except for LCD monitors & projectors setup in meeting/event spaces for customer use
    • LCD Projectors/Monitors
      • A sponsoring group representative should arrive at least one-(1) hour prior, but no later than thirty-(30) minutes prior to event/meeting to allow ample time to set up and/or trouble shoot if necessary
      • Documents & presentations should also be saved to disk or flash drives in case another laptop must be used
  • Late or Onsite Requests
    • Small Requests such as small quantity requests for additional tables & chairs and minor equipment (i.e., easel, podium, dry erase, etc.) needs will be accommodated if items/staff are available
    • Large Requests such as major setup changes for staging, tables, chairs and equipment (AV, sound & lighting) can not be guaranteed based on staffing support required for these types of changes
  • CUB Furniture & Equipment
    • Using the CUB furniture & equipment items outside the building is not allowed unless being used for one of the CUB’s outdoor spaces
  • Decoratin
    • No taping of any kind is allowed on any CUB surfaces (walls, doors, windows, railings, painted surfaces, etc.) – the CUB will provide sticky putty for these purposes
    • Hanging of banners, signage, etc., must be coordinated & approved by CUB staff in advance
  • Storing of Items
    • Storage of items in the CUB is not allowed due to limited space, however arrangements will be made with sponsoring groups who have multi/all day meetings/events for items to be stored in the spaces reserved.
    • All items must be removed immediately following meetings/events