Graduate School

Time Line

Application deadlines vary for each institution. Plan to meet all formal deadlines and keep in mind all application requirements for each institution.For extensive information regarding application time lines, review the Detailed Timeline [PDF].

Admissions Decisions

At most institutions, once the graduate school office has received all of your materials, your file is sent to the academic department. A faculty committee (or the department chairperson) then makes a recommendation on graduate school admission. Normally the student's total record is examined closely, and the weight assigned to specific factors fluctuates from program to program. Few, if any, institutions base their decisions purely on admissions test scores or grade point average.

For more information on reasons applicants are selected (or rejected) for graduate programs, view the Admissions Decisions [PDF].

Evaluating Graduate Programs

Going to graduate school is a major decision and big investment. Take time to closely examine program(s) of interest and make sure the program aligns with your goals and needs. For a detailed list of criteria to consider when choosing the right graduate program, view the Evaluating Graduate Programs [PDF].

Faculty Recommendations

Who should you ask for letters of recommendation? Choose your references carefully and keep them up to date on your achievements, both verbally and in writing. At least one letter should come from a faculty member in your major. For more information on selecting faculty to write your letters of recommendation, how to keep them informed, and submitting your letters of recommendation, review the Faculty Recommendations [PDF].

Graduate School Application Process/Paperwork

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