24- 28 Credit Hours

Required Courses:Credits

CHM 121Chemical Bonding 3

CHM 123 or 125 Laboratory IA or IB2/1

CHM 122Chemical Dynamics3

CHM124 or 126Laboratory IIA or IIB2/1

CHM 221 Modern Organic Chemistry I3

CHM 223 or 225Laboratory IIIA or IIIB2/1

CHM 222Modern Organic Chemistry II3

CHM224 or 226 Laboratory IVA or IVB2/1

CHM 301 Biochemistry I3

CHM 420Biochemistry II3

*CHM 421 Biochemistry Lab1

*CHM 397Intro to Research1

Total Credits 28/24

*CHM 397 must be taken co-current with CHM 421