Degree Programs

Chemistry (B.S.)

This program is designed for students who are interested in technical careers in industry, government, or graduate work in chemistry. 

Chemistry (B.S.) - Biochemistry Concentration
Students seeking a preparation in biochemistry science may elect the biochemistry concentration within the chemistry program which is designed to prepare students for careers or graduate study in biochemistry and meets the recommended guidelines of both the American Society of Biological Chemists and the American Chemical Society.
Chemistry (B.S.) with Secondary Certification 
Students enrolled in this program of study obtain the degree of B.S. with secondary certification.
 Chemistry minor 
List of course requirements.

Chemistry (B.S.) - Pre-pharmacy

 Designed for students seeking a preparation towards a degree in a field related to pharmacy

Chemistry (B.S.) - Forensics Concentration 

Forensics is an exciting and important field which exists because of chemistry.  This concentration prepares a would-be chemist for the possibility of pursing a career in the forensics sciences. 

Biochemistry minor 

List of course requirements.

All chemistry majors will take a comprehensive examination in their junior year at a time and place designated by the department. A satisfactory performance in all areas of this examination is a requirement for departmental recommendation and ACS certification.