Dr. Jeffrey Lacy

Jeffrey Lacy

Office: FSC 301
Phone: 717-477-1416

Research Introduction

Study the properties of atoms and molecules using two different theories.

Technical Summary

The Dirac theoretical approach to atomic structure is a combination of special relativity and quantum mechanics. It is significantly distinguished from the Schrodinger theory, which is quantum mechanical only, in that electron spin is inherent in Dirac’s theory, but is an add-on in Schrodinger’s theory. Thus, pictures of atomic orbitals in Schrodinger’s theory can be considered less accurate. In addition, molecular structures and properties are more accurate for many substances when based on Dirac’s theory. The research involves producing mathematical and computational methods to introduce Dirac’s theory at the undergraduate level.

Current Group Member

  • Brandon Barrett

Previous Group Members

  • Jeb Kegerreis: Assistant Professor of chemistry at Shippensburg University
  • Sean Hurley: PhD from Pennsylvania State University

Personal Statement

I am a professor of chemistry at Shippensburg University.