Research in the Department of Chemistry typically entails undergraduate chemistry majors working alongside faculty in their respective laboratories for at least one calendar year, including extensive summer research funded through available grants.  Students choose a project within the various sub-disciplines of chemistry (biochemistry, analytical, physical/computational, inorganic, organic) that aligns with their interests and talents, and students are welcome to participate in more than one project during their studies.  Students present the results of their work at national meetings for the American Chemical Society, and their travel is funded via university sources.  Click on the professors below for a brief synopsis of their work.

Dr. Thomas Frielle - Biochemistry


Dr. Jeb Kegerreis - Chemical Physics 


Dr. Jeff Lacy - Theoretical Physical Chemistry 


Dr. Allison Predecki - Organic Chemistry 


Dr. Daniel Predecki - Organic Chemistry 


Dr. Robin McCann - Biochemistry


Dr. John N. Richardson - Analytical Chemistry


Dr. Joseph Shane - Chemical Education 


Dr. Curtis Zaleski - Inorganic Chemistry