From Behind the Scenes Into the Spotlight

Eric Heisler photo

By Nicole Esbenshade

December, 4th

Harrisburg, Pa. -- Eric Heisler has always preferred to be behind the scenes and being behind the camera has led him to being in front of 9 Emmy Awards in a short amount of time. This past year alone, Heisler was nominated for 7 Emmy awards and has been nominated over 20 times in the past 6 years.

A graduate of the Shippensburg University Communication Journalism Department, and a native of Philadelphia, Heisler is now working in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as Senior Photojournalist for ABC 27 and is one of the station’s most decorated storytellers. He has won 9 Emmy awards to date and is working on his next projects that could promise to be Emmy worthy.

It was Shippensburg’s “goldilocks” distance, not too close, not too far, that first drew him to the university. Soon enough, Shippensburg charmed Heisler and he jumped right in to the Communication Journalism Department. In fact, the “major itself kind of drew [me] in.”; said Heisler. He had a lot of classes that he enjoyed and could not pick one favorite; However, Heisler stated that all of his classes helped him to grow better at the things he does every day in his career.

Nowadays, Heisler is using his Shippensburg education every day. His school internship turned into a job at ABC27 – where he works to this day. ABC 27 also employs 6 other alumni from the Communication/Journalism department – a testimony to the strong reputation of the Communication Journalism program.

Heisler does not have one favorite story, but loves to talk about the opportunities and experiences he has gained through his career. He has traveled all over the country as well as outside of the country, to cover stories and give a voice to the public. Heisler has most enjoyed taking the small stories in life and turning them into visual testimonies like the story he told about a bridge dedication’ or a dedication more about a fallen soldier. Heisler wanted to make sure his storytelling conveyed the deep emotion and the power of that dedication to that community.

“Being the voice for the people” is what Heisler has been doing best; and his many Emmy awards and nominations prove such a mission is respected and appreciated among the professionals in his industry. Heisler describes it as a job “that doesn’t really compare to any others” whether he’s winning awards or simply telling stories he believes people need to hear, and sometimes one story results in both.